How To Use Tiki-Taka In Soccer Practice

Tiki Taka Drill“Tiki-Taka” is the latest phrase used to describe how the game is played by the Spanish national soccer team and FC Barcelona.
“Tiki-Taka” is the Spanish term for clackers, a pair of balls on a string which swung up and down so they banged together, making click-clacking noises or, as the Spanish say, “tiki-taka.” Andrés Montes, Spanish commentator for the 2006 World Cup 2006, is attributed with having been the first to use this phrase for soccer play to describe his enthusiasm for the Spanish passing game.
Tiki-taka is easy to describe: it’s a fast passing game, started if at all possible upon first contact with the ball, and then straight into the goal. The opposing team finds itself running after the ball constantly and gets worn down by the action.

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