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Individual Training Part 5: Conduccion

Timing is important here.

Previous post illustrates on how you can protect the ball against your opponent. Today, we’ll learn on how you can gain space by doing a simple trick on your opponent.

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Individual Training Part 4: Ball Protection

Applies body contact and ball control.

Previous post illustrates on how you can benefit from one-two passing movement on a futsal court. Today, we’ll learn on how you can control the ball while protecting it from an opponent.

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Individual Training Part 3: One-Two Movement

Pass and make a run.

Previous post illustrates on how you can feint your opponent to gain that invaluable space. Today, we’ll learn on how you can exploit the space with and without using the ball by following these 2 steps:

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Individual Training Part 2: Feint

Step 1: Feint as if you're going into one direction

Following up from Part 1 of Individual Training. In Part 2, we will learn on how to feint an opponent to gain some space.

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Individual Training Part 1 : Control Orientated

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

The first part of futsal individual training series begins here.




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Football Analysis: Qualified to Champions League with Style

Memphis dribbling skills

A much needed result to secure United’s journey into Europe, the Champions League.





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Football Analysis: A Draw in Top of the Table Clash


English Premier League 2015-2016: Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United


Saturday night at the King Power stadium featured current English Premier League top of the table clash Leicester City against Manchester United.


Futsal: What is it ?

A Brazilian futsal player

Futsal goes way back in 1989 in the Netherlands for the very first competitive World Cup held. Lately, futsal grows as a sport in England and Scotland in the form of five-a-side football, according to FIFA. The difference between futsal and five-a-side football is that futsal is on indoor surface whereas five-a-side football is on artificial grass surface. So, the focus of this post will be on futsal.


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Football Analysis: Crucial Win in a Thrilling Encounter

Martial celebrates

Who would’ve thought United would nicked a victory at St Mary’s.



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A Late Penalty that Seals the Game

De Gea Battles

On 2nd May 2015, West Bromwich Albion nicked a remarkable win over United at Old Trafford with their highly resilient in defending and counter-attacking strategy. This season, Manchester United struggled to score a goal for the last 3 Premier League matches (Manchester City, Middlesbrough, and Crystal Palace). How will they fair against the Baggies from the Midlands.


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