Adidas Super Sala 8 Review

Adidas Super Sala 8 Review April 14, 2017


The 8th generation in adidas’ five a side futsal footwear range, the super sala 8 has certainly evolved a lot since the first sala series that was released a few years back. The super sala 8 is mainly targeted at futsal / 5 a side players as a mid range futsal shoe. The current sala range has two models available, the mid range ‘super sala’, and the high end ‘top sala’ series.

Weighing a mere 278 grams, the super sala 8 is the lightest futsal shoe that we’ve ever tested. The lack of weight is mainly due to the fact that there is a generous amount of nylon mesh used on the side surface and the upper tongue. The nylon mesh provides maximum ventilation and which would cool the player’s foot, which is especially useful on a hot day. On the other hand, on of the disadvantages of the nylon mesh is a lower level of durability, compared to other materials such as leather or synthetic leather. The textile lining is much more prone to cuts and tears compared to leather or synthetic material, although some would not mind this as the ventilation provided might be well worth it.

The rest of the upper and side surface area is covered by synthetic leather, as opposed to pure kangaroo leather which is available on the more expensive ‘top sala’. Regardless of the lowered level of comfort, the new synthetic leather material is certainly much more durable than the earlier sala versions, and has a thick padding on the inside section which touches the player’s foot.

The midsole area is made up of a pre-molded EVA cushioning which is accompanied by the adiPRENE heel insert which provides a decent amount of support for the heel area. There is also a rubber toe cap which is particularly useful when performing a toe poke shot or pass, which is quite common in the game of futsal.

Lastly, the outsole on the bottom surface is made of a standard non-marking rubber resin, which we found to be very rough and stiff, compared to the slightly sticky and flexible surface found on the Nike T3 we reviewed here. The grooves on the bottom sole means that the shoe even be used on a an astro turf surface without causing any slippage or loss of grip. All in all, we feel that the super sala 8 would be at home on both the astro turf surface and a hard polished surface. With a competitive price, a large variety of colour schemes, and dual usability features, the super sala 8 is certainly high on value and comfort, especially for the casual / intermediate level player.

Our Verdict:
+ Good Ventilation
+ Lightweight & Hight Quality Synthetic Leather
+ adiPRENE heel support & Rubber Toe Cap
– Stiff / Hard bottom sole surface
– Low Durability (depending on usage)

Our Rating: 3.5/5