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Individual Training Part 5: Conduccion

Timing is important here.

Previous post illustrates on how you can protect the ball against your opponent. Today, we’ll learn on how you can gain space by doing a simple trick on your opponent.

Individual Training Part 4: Ball Protection

Applies body contact and ball control.

Previous post illustrates on how you can benefit from one-two passing movement on a futsal court. Today, we’ll learn on how you can control the ball while protecting it from an opponent.

Individual Training Part 3: One-Two Movement

Pass and make a run.

Previous post illustrates on how you can feint your opponent to gain that invaluable space. Today, we’ll learn on how you can exploit the space with and without using the ball by following these 2 steps:

Individual Training Part 2: Feint

Step 1: Feint as if you're going into one direction

Following up from Part 1 of Individual Training. In Part 2, we will learn on how to feint an opponent to gain some space.

Individual Training Part 1 : Control Orientated

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

The first part of futsal individual training series begins here.      

Futsal: What is it ?

A Brazilian futsal player

Futsal goes way back in 1989 in the Netherlands for the very first competitive World Cup held. Lately, futsal grows as a sport in England and Scotland in the form of five-a-side football, according to FIFA. The difference between futsal and five-a-side football is that futsal is on indoor surface whereas five-a-side football is on […]

Training 101: How to Improve your Weaker Foot?

Both Feet Player

In football (soccer), being too dependent on a single stronger foot can be a major weakness, especially in situations that would require you to make use of your weaker foot, be it a shooting chance or a last gasp clearance. If you need to improve on your weaker foot quickly, then you might want to […]

Freestyle Soccer: Confused on where to start ?


First of all, let’s start with a simple question, what is freestyle soccer ? Freestyle soccer is simply the style and ability to combine various soccer tricks in juggling and ground moves. It’s a new trend in soccer along with other types like five a side futsal and beach soccer. In a soccer context, freestyle […]

The Gambetta – More than just a trick

Diego Maradona vs England, World Cup 1986

The term ‘Gambetta’ is rarely heard of in the footballing world of europe and asia, but in the football loving nation of argentina, it is almost a way of life. In the words of Jorge Valdano, who use to play alongside Diego Maradona in the 80’s: “it is another form of tango with the pleasures […]

Red Bull Street Style 2010 World Finals

Red Bull Street Style 2010 Finals

After months of qualifying rounds worldwide, sixty freestylers represented their respective nations at the Red Bull Street Style 2010 World Finals in Cape Town, South Africa. Held over the course of 3 days, the world’s best freestylers simply had one target, which was to dethrone Arnaud ‘Sean’ Garnier, to be the next world freestyle champion.