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Individual Training Part 5: Conduccion

Cruyff TurnPrevious post illustrates on how you can protect the ball against your opponent. Today, we’ll learn on how you can gain space by doing a simple trick on your opponent.

Step 1: Drag your opponent and then do a Cruyff turn.
Step 2: Pass the ball to your teammate once you’ve gained space [red area].

  1. Always have the eye coordination between the ball and your opponent’s feet to catch him off-balance.
  2. Be aware on where your teammates are.

Watch Conduccion in the video below. (more…)

Individual Training Part 1 : Control Orientated

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

The first part of futsal individual training series begins here.
Basic Concept

The first step in futsal is to focus on ball control and apply it with movement. This chapter breaks into 5 basic skills in futsal:


  1. Control Orientated
  2. Feint
  3. Off-the-ball movement
  4. Ball Protection
  5. Conduccion


This short post will be teaching on how to improve our ball control in Control Orientated.


Futsal: What is it ?

A Brazilian futsal player

Futsal goes way back in 1989 in the Netherlands for the very first competitive World Cup held. Lately, futsal grows as a sport in England and Scotland in the form of five-a-side football, according to FIFA. The difference between futsal and five-a-side football is that futsal is on indoor surface whereas five-a-side football is on artificial grass surface. So, the focus of this post will be on futsal.