Bazooka Portable Soccer Goal Review

Bazooka Soccer Goal

bazooka portable soccer goal dimensionsKnown as the world’s first solid framed pop-up goal, the Bazooka portable soccer goal was created to stand up to the task at hand during small-sided games and training sessions for all age groups. The durability of this goal is maintained by a Norwegian Team of designers focused on the basic necessity and the brutality that is associated with playing soccer at various levels and conditions. It measures 4′ by 2.5′ during use and can be compacted to 4′ by 0.5′ by 0.5′ when folded, making it easy to carry. At the moment, the Bazooka portable soccer goal is only available in one size.

The Bazooka portable soccer goal is designed to bounce back when struck with a ball or object. This is a key difference between many other portable and stationary goals that will and tend to slide across the ground. The goal can be used on grass, concrete or AstroTurf, and it does not require “pegging” or attaching it to anything in order for it to stay in place. The design simply brings about stability during match play. It is made of heavy-duty and heat-resistant PVC tubing, encased in a synthetic cloth-like material.

bazooka solid frame portable soccer goal sideThe solid frame of the goal integrates a spring-coil system that allows the crossbar to collapse when a player runs into it during a session. The safe-play focus of the goal keeps even the youngest players injury-free, which is the reason it has been recommended for match play for younger age groups and leagues throughout the world. This is another reason why many European clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Ajax, and Barcelona utilize the goal throughout their Youth Clubs and development programs.

Even though the goal is made of a solid frame it is still portable and lightweight. It can be set up or taken down in seconds, and in fact, it does not need to be “put together.” The goal folds and unfolds in one piece and with the unique telescopic design once it is folded it can be carried over the shoulder. There are straps that wrap around the goal, increase the ease and accessibility of the goal. There is no surprise that this particular goal has won many awards throughout the world.

Whether you are looking to form a small-sided pick up game, hold a training session or needing stability for young player matches, the Bazooka portable soccer goal is the one with the best and highest rating. This is a goal professionally recommended for various levels of play and training for soccer players and athletes because of the all-around design and ability to stand up to the test of soccer. The price point is fair and reasonable, especially when applied to the quality of the product received for the price. Built for the professional and youth levels in mind from the ground up, every soccer player should look into purchasing the Bazooka portable soccer goal.