Brentford Community Stadium – Brentford (Brentford Community Stadium)

17,250 (all seated)
Brentford Community Stadium, Lionel Road, London, England
0333 005 8521
Ticket Office:
0333 005 8521
0333 005 8521
Pitch Size:
105m x 68m
Pitch Type:
Hybrid grass
Club Nickname:
The Bees
Year Ground Opened:
Undersoil Heating:
Shirt Sponsors:
Utilita Energy
Home Kit:
Red with White Stripes and Black Shorts
Away Kit:

The new Brentford stadium, which is named Brentford Community Stadium, is the new ground which serves as the home of Brentford football club. After having played at the previous Brentford Stadium, Griffin Park, since 1904, The Bees made the switch in 2020 and they were finally able to execute a plan that had been in development since 2002. The ground has four distinct stands – South, North, West, and East.

The premium seats, dugouts, and media seats are available on the south stand. The family area is located in the North stand, while the hard-core supporters can be seen in the West stand. The south-east corner of the eastern stand will also host the Brentford supporters. The hospitality facilities provided in this new ground are built to modern standards.

brentford community stadium
The Brentford stadium has already hosted England’s women fixtures.

With the Brentford stadium being a relative new build, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that there haven’t been any major alterations to the exterior of the stadium. Inside the ground, though, the summer of 2022 did see some pretty substantial work take place. The Bees acted swiftly to facilitate safe standing off the back of a change in legislation.

As for future development, the design of Brentford Community Stadium does allow for relatively easy expansion where capacity is concerned.

How big is Brentford’s new stadium?

Right now, Brentford have a maximum capacity of 17,250 but there are changes that can be made to reach circa 25,000 – with a couple of levels in between the two as well. If the football on the pitch remains as it currently is, an increase could arrive sooner rather than later – but there is no official word on that!

Where do away fans sit at Brentford Stadium?

As an away fan visiting Brentford’s ground, you will find yourself seated in the East Stand of the Brentford Community Stadium. You will not completely occupy the stand, as only a small section will be devoted to the visitors. There are premium seating options which are available on an individual or monthly basis. The premium seating option can be picked up for around £45 per match.

What is the away allocation at Brentford?

Expect an allocation of around 2,000 for away visits at the Brentford Community Stadium.

Most away fans – especially those that arrive by train – will exit at Kew Gardens. This is around a mile away from the Brentford ground (circa 20 minutes of walking). The route through to the stadium is a decent one and the main pubs welcoming away fans are on that side of the water – with Kew Bridge taking you across the water and near to the ground.

The pubs available to you start off with The Tap on the Line, which is almost immediately outside the station. Your walking route, which takes you past the Royal Botanic Gardens, then leads you to another watering hole called The Botanist – although the Coach & Horses hotel, which is broadly opposite, will accept away fans too if it’s more your scene. When you then walk across Kew Green you have the choice of two other pubs; when facing the Thames, turn left for the Cricketers or right for the Greyhound.

For those trying to get to the Brentford Community Stadium, the best bet would be to use the M1 or M40. This will take you to close proximity of Brentford’s stadium for those coming from the north. If you are heading to the stadium from the south, then you need to take the A4.

One should remember that taking a taxi in London is going to be an expensive affair. It could cost anywhere around £50 for a from the London Heathrow airport, which is only eight miles away.

Where is the best place to park for Brentford Community Stadium?

For those taking their own car to the ground, parking is not very convenient since London is limited in terms of parking spaces.

The train or metro is a great option to reach the ground, as it is only 100 meters away from the Kew Bridge Station.

What tube station is near Brentford FC?

Brentford’s ground is also connected very well to the London Underground system, as it is close to the Chiswick Park, Gunnersbury, and Acton Town stations.

The ground is also served very well with a range of bus routes. The ground is also not far away from the Brentford stadium, which is about a mile away. The likes of the Kew Gardens station and Gunnersbury stadium are also located close by.

As with most clubs nowadays, the ticket pricing at Brentford’s stadium, the Brentford Community Stadium, is tiered depending on the ‘grade’ of game you’re watching and the area of the stadium you sit in.

A full breakdown of the current pricing can be found on the official Brentford website.

You can also book your tickets with SeatPick.


Brentford aren’t quite on the same level of the likes of the more established London Premier League clubs and, as such, the Brentford stadium tours are less frequent. They are though still a thing and, unlike those aforementioned “bigger” clubs, they won’t charge you through the nose to see behind the scenes.

Full details on the Brentford stadium tours can be found on the Bees official website.

When visiting Brentford’s ground, the Brentford Community Stadium, it’s only natural to want a small memento of your day. The obvious choice is an official programme but there are a couple of fanzine options for you to consider  as well.

  • Official Programme, £4

  • Beesotted Fanzine, £2
  • Bees United Fanzine, £3

Brentford vs Fulham rivalry: The biggest rivalry the Brentford Community Stadium sees is when Fulham come to visit. The two London sides battle it out with local pride on the line.

Brentford vs QPR rivalry: You’d expect this match to be more ferocious than the Fulham rivalry but, for some reason, it’s not. Again, both these clubs are London based but that only tells part of the story. Back in the Sixties, QPR wanted to buy out Brentford in a move that would have banished the ‘real Brentford’ out of the league.

The anthem most commonly associated with Brentford is ‘Hey Jude’

As you may expect with a newly developed ground, Brentford’s stadium provides disabled supporters with good access and unlimited car parking facilities in the bays. The Brentford ground is completely accessible on a wheelchair. The ambulant seats and wheelchair spaces are seen throughout the ground. Disabled fans will also be able to get special access to toilets, which are located only 40 meters away from the viewing platforms.

Record Attendance

17,163 vs Liverpool on 2nd January 2023.

Average Attendance

  • 2021-2022: 16,907 (Brentford Community Stadium)
  • 2020-2021: N/A (Covid-19)
  • 2019-2020: 9,156 (Griffin Park)
  • 2018-2019: 10,257 (Griffin Park)

When you think about Brentford’s ground, you immediately go to one of two places; that’s the current stadium – the Brentford Community stadium – or their prior ground – Griffin Park. There have, however, been five other homes for the Bees. Admittedly, they all came in 15 year period in the early days. The names of you were wondering are Clifden Road, Benns Field, Shotters Field, Cross Road and Boston Park.

We won’t look back at them in any greater detail. Griffin Park though was Brentford’s stadium for 116 years; it was famed amongst fans for the fact it had a pub at each corner. No other stadium can claim that. On opening, Griffin Park, could hold 20,000 fans. By the thirties it had undergone such development that the New Road stand could hold that by itself. Things remained fairly static from that point on with the ground holding 38,000 people – although the great fire of Brentford in 1983 needs to be mentioned. It wasn’t until 2006 that all four stands had roofs and, as Premier League football edged closer, further work was needed to meet regulation. Eventually, the club opted for a move to Brentford Community Stadium.