Jan Breydel Stadium – Club Brugge & Cercle Brugge

29,062 (all seated)
Koning Leopold III-laan 50, Sint-Andries, Bruges, Belgium
+32 50 38 91 91
Pitch Size:
105 x 68m
Pitch Type:
Natural Grass
Club Nickname:
Blauw-Zwart (Club Brugge), Groen en Zwart (Cercle Brugge)
Year Ground Opened:
Undersoil Heating:
Shirt Sponsors:
Unibet (Club Brugge) & Napoleon (Cercle Brugge)
Macron (Club Brugge) & Macron (Cercle Brugge)
Home Kit:
Black and blue (Club Brugge) & Green and black (Cercle Brugge)
Away Kit:
Red (Club Brugge) & White (Cercle Brugge)

The Jan Breydel Stadium is a ground that does not use the European format. Instead, there are four distinct stands with two tiers being the preferred setup. The visitors will be going in the south stand.

What is it like for visiting supporters?

The south stand has been allocated as the place where visiting supporters go in. The compact nature of the ground will be a welcome change, as the atmosphere is excellent due to the pitch being close to the stands. The away fans are likely to have enough entertainment options thanks to the presence of many popular bars near the city centre.

The Cercle Brugge Stadium happens to be located around 3.5 km away from the Bruges city centre. This makes it quite easily accessible by car. Even though the ground is actually located outside the city centre, parking remains at a premium. The best option for getting to the ground would not be driving, as parking spots can be a nightmare at times. Still, if this is the option available and directions are required, then using the satnav with the following addresses a good idea:

Koning Leopold III-laan 50, 8200 Bruges, Belgium

By train or metro

It is easy to reach the ground through a train or metro. The line 5 or 15 will be able to take fans from the primary railway station to the ground. This journey is around 15 minutes long. After getting off at the Sint-Andries stop, fans have a five-minute walk before they reach the ground.

The tickets for a match at the Club Brugge Stadium can be purchased outside the ground in the ticket office. These days, it is also available online prior to coming to the stadium. The matches involving Club Brugge tend to be in high demand compared to the games of Cercle Brugge. The former is able to sell out some of the games in a season, while Cercle Brugge ground rarely manages this feat. For a seat just behind the goal, fans would have to shell out €10 for watching Cercle Brugge while it would be priced at around €15 by Club Brugge. The upper end of the tickets would be priced at €40 by Club Brugge while Cercle Brugge would charge a little less at €30.

Cercle Brugge for Club Brugge

Club Brugge for Cercle Brugge

Club Brugge & Cercle Brugge fixture List (redirects you to the BBC site)

As one of the stadiums which were constructed in the 20th century, Jan Breydel Stadium does not have a great deal of facilities for disabled spectators. One of the few features would be the ability to use accessible parking on match days. This will make sure that disabled fans are dropped off just 50 m away from the stadium’s main entrance. These fans would also be able to get a companion ticket free of cost. There are about 70 spaces for wheelchair users who support the home team, while 10 spots are available in the away section. The companion/assistant has to be seated near the wheelchair user. The Club Brugge ground also provides an option for partially sighted or blind supporters to enjoy the games. There are also five toilets with easy access.

The stadium tours are organised by Club Brugge & Cercle Brugge. This will last for around 90 minutes and it would provide access to around 10+ highlights within the ground. The history of the two clubs will be showcased from being able to visit the players’ tunnel, club museum, club shop, press room, and more. There is even a glimpse of the Skylounge Business Seats.

Record Attendance

Average Attendance (Club Brugge)

2019-2020: Jupiler Pro League (23,580)

2018-2019: Jupiler Pro League (25,481)

2017-2018: Jupiler Pro League (26,518)

Average Attendance (Cercle Brugge)

2019-2020: Jupiler Pro League (4,654)

2018-2019: Jupiler Pro League (6,587)

2017-2018: Jupiler Pro League (3,952)