San Siro – AC Milan

75,923 (all-seated)
Giuseppe Meazza, Piazzale Angelo Moratti snc, Via Piccolomini Nr. 5, 20151 Milano, Italy
+39 02 48798201
+39 (2) 4039688
Ticket Office:
+39 02 48798201
+39 02 48798201
Pitch Size:
105m x 68m
Pitch Type:
Club Nickname:
Year Ground Opened:
Undersoil Heating:
Shirt Sponsors:
Home Kit:
Red and Black
Away Kit:
All White
Third Kit:
Black and Red

One can take guided tours of the San Siro stadium along with the museum. Usually, these tours will provide access to some of the hidden away details of the stadium like pressroom, hospitality areas, and dressing rooms. A tour of the San Siro will take about 40 minutes. Unlike the stadium tour that is closed on match days, you will be able to access the museum on all days from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. You need not head to the ground in person to pick up the tickets, as they can be bought online. For those who want a tour of the stadium along with the museum, the ticket price would be €18. If only the museum is of interest, then you can receive access for just seven euros. A special family pack option is available where you will be able to get a stadium tour at €50 for a family of four – two adults and two children.

As part of the tour, you will also be visiting the fan shop where you can pick up official merchandise of AC Milan. The language should not be a major barrier considering that almost 10 languages – including Chinese and Arabic – are available upon reservation.

The ability to experience the ground from close quarters makes this tour worthwhile. It is even possible to step to the side of the pitch and look at the imposing stands to get the perspective of a player.

For children under the age of six, there is no need to get an entry ticket. Similarly, there are certain reservations that can help reduce the price of the ticket. If travelling in a group which varies in size from 20 to 49, the ticket prices will drop to €14. For group sizes more than 50 people, the ticket prices would be €12. For people with disabilities, AC Milan has special reservations that would help them take the tour for free.

There are several variations when it comes to ticket prices at the San Siro stadium. It is largely dependent on the opposition and their popularity. The price is also determined by the place where the ticket holder wants to be seated. There are different brands of ticket prices and you should be aware about the same before heading to purchase one.

The official Milan site is one of the best ways to get your tickets. For the less popular games, there is a good opportunity to get tickets outside the stadium just before the start of the game. However, this option is unlikely to be available when the likes of Juventus and Inter Milan are the oppositions. The cheapest category of tickets would start from around €20 for a place in the upper tiers behind the goal, while the lower tier tickets would cost around €40.

If you want to be seated in an excellent place on the main grandstand, you can expect to pay around €140. For the top-rated games, you can end up paying anywhere from €30-€250. Even though attendances have fallen in recent times, Milan continue to enjoy tremendous support that makes it very difficult to receive tickets for the top matches without a membership. You are unlikely to face any challenges when picking up tickets for the less popular games.

There are a number of routes that you can take when trying to reach the San Siro with a car. If you are taking the A1, just after crossing the Melegnano barrier, head towards Malpensa by taking the Tangenziale Ovest. Now, you will be able to get to the Novara exit and reach Milan.

If you are coming in from Turin on the A4, you can head to Linate by taking Tangenziale Ovest and reach Milan through Novara. If you are coming in from Venice on the A4, you need to look for the Milan Certosa exit. Now, there will be many signs for the San Siro.

If you are coming in from Genova on the A7, you need to take the route towards Malpensa. For those coming from Laghi on the A8, the key direction will be to head towards Linate.

Since the stadium is located outside the city, it can be a little easier to reach by car. However, you need to be prepared for heavy traffic on match days. It is advisable to start well in advance so that you do not face any last minute hiccups.

After reaching the stadium, there are plenty of options to park the car. For a fee of €3, you will be able to park the car in any of the 4000 spaces provided in the stadium. An alternative would be to use the Ippodromo del Galoppo horseracing location, which is located close to the stadium.

By train or metro

Even though using the train to get to Milan can be quite entertaining and relaxing, it can also end up consuming a lot of time. The main connection is at Paris and you can reach the French capital using the multiple Eurostar trains. Once you reach Paris, you can head to Milan on similar Eurostar trains that are run on a regular basis. It takes around seven hours from Paris to Milan on these high-speed trains. A more laid-back alternative would be the Thello night train, which offers frequent connectivity between the two cities.

After reaching Milan, you are better off taking the metro since there are many stations near to the San Siro. The closest would be the Metropolitana Linea 5. If you are unable to reach this station, the second-best option would be to reach Lotto, which is connected through Metropolitana Linea 1. It takes around 15 minutes to travel from the Lotto Station to the stadium.

You can also enjoy tram service in Milan with Line 16 offering connectivity from the Piazza Fontana. If you are using the tram, you need to get off at the Piazzale Axum terminal.

The city of Milan is vibrant and visiting supporters will be guaranteed a great time. Unlike in places where nightlife can be quite spartan when there are big clubs around, Milan is a top destination in this regard. Once you get to enjoy the city, the experience of the San Siro will take time to settle. This is one of the largest grounds in Europe with a remarkable heritage on both sides – Inter and AC Milan.

Despite its opening in 1926, the San Siro has undergone several renovations that have kept it modern even now. The facilities were most recently updated in 2016 for hosting the Champions League final. A visiting supporter will find that the city offers multiple avenues to stay entertained even when the football has not started. Once it does, you will be encountering a vibrant set of supporters who take the experience to the next level.

In Europe, it is quite common to see a lot of smoke and light, as the hardcore supporters put up a remarkable pyrotechnic show. Even though there are concerns about immediate safety, Milan and the numerous stadium officials do a great job of preventing the situation from escalating any further. Hence, you can make the trip to the San Siro with a lot of confidence even when two big teams are playing on the night.

Milan is a city of fashion and culture. It is also known for the incredible nightlife. You can be sure of finding excellent places to grab drinks and food when you visit the city. The top choices for visiting supporters are:

Old Tenconi Pub

This is one of the great options for pubs near the stadium. It is no more than a few hundred metres away from the ground. You can head there just before a game for all the amazing food and drinks on offer. The pub also specialises in televising football games.

English Football Pub

This will instantly find favours with all supporters who are looking for some bit of nostalgia and ambience to go along with the food and drinks. There are many memorabilia present on the walls and screens. The live games can be enjoyed on big television screens with a lot of fans around. This is also one of the best places to get Guinness.

Pub O’Connell

The Irish bar that dominates many European cities can be found even in the city of Milan. Apart from serving as a great place for drinks, this pre-match drinking venue is very welcoming of sports fans and expats.

Despite the presence of many pubs dotted around the city, fans should always be careful when it comes to going about these places. It is not advisable to visit pubs that are friendly towards Inter Milan supporters. One should always be on the lookout for a neutral venue.

Built in the 1920s, San Siro is an impressive stadium that is one of the symbols of Milan. It is a remarkable feat of construction that holds almost 80,000 fans in all-seater configuration. There are four distinct sections in the San Siro and these are setup in a bowl format – just like many other stadiums in Europe. The sections are Green Stand (Curva Nord), Arancio Stand, Blu Stand (Curva Sud), and Rosso Stand. There are three tiers in all stands, but the Arancio stand is different with only two tiers.

Green Stand (Curva Nord) – AC Milan supporters generally shy away from the Curva Nord as it is the place where Inter Milan ultras take their position.

Arancio Stand – The unique aspect of this stand is the lack of a tier. All the seats are put into just two tiers whereas the rest of the stadium goes for a three-tier approach.

Blu Stand (Curva Sud) – This is the stand where the hardcore supporters of AC Milan take their position. This approach is exactly opposite to the view taken by the Inter Milan supporters who would sit in the Curva Nord stand.

Rosso Stand – This section is vital to the entire stadium since it houses all the important facets like the changing rooms, dugouts, and technical areas. Unsurprisingly, this stand also has the most expensive seats. If you are one of the fans who picks up a hospitality ticket, you will be placed in this stand.

Record Attendance

83,381 Inter Milan vs Schlake (1997)

Average Attendance

2019-2020: 46,249 (Italian Serie A)

2018-2019: 54,651 (Italian Serie A)

2017-2018: 52,690 (Italian Serie A)

AC Milan have a number of features set aside for disabled fans. These include free access for people who have received 100% disability certificates. These individuals are also eligible for bringing an assistant without any charge. There are around 200 seats in the San Siro that are reserved for this purpose. A special parking facility is also reserved for people with accreditations. If a fan holds a regular ticket, they will not be able to access the entrance that has been reserved for people with wheelchairs. Even those caring for disabled fans can pick up an accreditation for games.

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