Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Tottenham Hotspur

62,303 (all seated)
782 High Road, London, N17 0BX
0344 499 5000
Ticket Office:
0344 844 0102*
Pitch Size:
115 x 74 yards
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Club Nickname:
Year Ground Opened:
Undersoil Heating:
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Home Kit:
White and Navy

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium SignWell, it may have been late opening and come in over budget, but the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been worth waiting for. To say that it is fantastic would be an understatement. With a capacity of 62,303 it is the second-largest stadium in the Premier League. Not only is its size impressive, but the design and quality of build too. Plus the stadium has been built very much with the fan experience in mind and it boasts some great facilities, that are already the envy of other clubs.

Walking along the High Road, then from the outside, the stadium has very much a modern look with a large glassed frontage and metallic coloured cladding. There are large LED screens too on the external walls, adding to the overall feel and look. Also noticeable on the sides of the stadium are large open flaps, which I assume are to allow more to get through to the pitch.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: West Stand and East Stand

Inside the stadium, you can’t help notice its large imposing curved roof that sweeps around the ground. Although essentially a bowl design, the new Spurs stadium offers something a little different. The main West Stand on one side and the East Stand opposite, are very similar both being four-tiered. Both have a large top and lower tier, with two smaller tiers sandwiched in-between. These two smaller tiers are mostly for corporate hospitality areas. Above the tiered areas below the roof, there is a glassed fronted area running along the length of the stands, that I assume is also used for corporate guests. The West Stand is the ‘Main Stand’ having the team dugouts situated out front.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: Paxton End and South Stand Kop

At the North End (or Paxton End as it is also known), the stand is three-tiered, whilst opposite the club have built the single largest stand in the country. Although this stand has just two tiers, it has a staggering 17.500 seats, in 82 rows and is an impressive sight. Each of the top tiers of the stands is semi-circular in look. Above the South Stand mounted on the roof is a large gold coloured cockerel. Very impressive looking too are the four large video screens, one situated under the roof in each corner.

Tap InnWhere is the away section at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

Away fans are housed in the lower tier of the staduim’s north-east corner.

What is the away allocation at Tottenham?

Up to 3,000 fans can be accommodated for Premier League matches. A much larger visiting allocation of up to 9,000 can be made available for domestic cup ties. For these matches visiting fans will be housed in the same area of the stadium but over the three tiers.

The leg room in this area and views of the playing action are generally good, with fans being located close to pitchside. However, at the beginning and end of the season, away fans may find that the sunlight shines directly on that part of the ground, so some shades or a cap may be required.

How to get into the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Entrance to the stadium is gained by first going through a security cordon at Gate 11, where tickets are checked. Then fans are to go through a metal detector (the type of which you would see at an Airport) and are subject to a pat-down search. Lastly, tickets are presented at the automatic turnstiles, for the barcode on the ticket to be read to get inside the ground. Please note that the club operates a strict policy for bringing bags into the stadium. Any carrier bags must be clear of colour and be no more than 30cms long and 30cms high. Whilst only personal bags that are A4 in size or smaller (maximum 21cms x 30cms) will be allowed. The club do not operate a bag drop off or creche facility, so if arriving with a bag larger than these dimensions you may find yourself with a real dilemma. The gates open to the stadium two hours before kick off.

What’s the away concourse like at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

Inside the stadium, you are presented with a stylish looking concourse, that also has a number of television screens dotted around. The facilities are generally very good and even the toilets are quite ‘posh’ by football ground standards. The ‘Tap Inn’ refreshment area offers a range of pies including the Tottenham Signature Pie (£3.50), Chicken Tikka Pie (£4.50) and other Pies including a vegetarian option (£3.50) and Sausage Rolls (£3.50). No cash is accepted inside the stadium, only cards, so make sure you take a bank card with you.

Away atmosphere at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

With the stadium roof quite high above the away fans section, it can be difficult for visiting supporters to really make themselves heard within the stadium. Visiting supporters for Premier League matches will be pleasantly surprised to find that standing rails are in place along each row of seats. These were built in anticipation of the change in legislation which permitted ‘safe standing’ sections.

Overall it is an excellent venue and one that should be quite a spectacle on matchdays and have a good atmosphere. You can also enjoy a pre-match light show for evening kicks offs, if that’s your thing.

One other positive is that the stadium has been designed with the modern fan in mind and has free high capacity Wi-Fi available, including all major networks. Simply select on your mobile phone Wi-Fi settings the network called ‘Stadium_Guest.’ After you have accepted the club’s terms and conditions, you will then be connected.

Beavertown Brewery Tottenham SignMost pubs in the area of the stadium are for home fans only with doormen present. There is the Antwerp Arms on Church Road which normally has a good mixture of home and away fans. This community-owned pub serves real and enjoys a pleasant position, looking out over Bruce Castle Park. It is listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide and serves beers from the nearby Redemption Brewery.

The nearby Compass Industrial Estate has a number of units brewing beer that open up their doors on matchdays. Each has a small bar and are only a five-to-ten minute walk from the away turnstiles and close to where the away coaches are parked. On Tariff Road there is the Tottenham Brewing Company, which houses three craft breweries; Watling Street Beer, Trial & Error and Oddly. It is family-friendly and hot dogs are also available to purchase. On West Road is the One Mile End Brewery and around the corner from there are the Redemption Brewery and the Bohem Brewery (the latter specialising in brewing Bohemian Lagers).

Where to drink before Tottenham away?

It may be an idea to drink in Central London before the game and then take a train to White Hart Lane Station. If getting the overground train there from Liverpool Street Station then there is a Wetherspoon outlet called the Hamilton Hall which is popular with football fans.

Is alcohol served at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

Alcohol is available inside the ground. You get to see it poured in front of you in just three seconds. The new stadium has an American system whereby the plastic glass is placed on a machine and is filled up from the bottom. When the server lifts the filled glass a magnetic disk sticks to the bottom, sealing it tight. Ingenious! However, don’t be tempted once you have the beer in your hand to push up the magnetic disk at the bottom, as it will empty all over the floor quicker than it was poured!

Other alcohol drinks available include bottles or cans of Heineken Lager, Bulmers Cider, Guinness, Wine plus craft ale from Beavertown, a local brewery now owned by Heineken.

Martin Holtom informs me: “Me and my mate had a pint of draught lager each at £4 per pint at halftime. Very nice actually. Please be advised that if you buy bottled beer the staff will not give you the bottle even though they are plastic. Instead, they decant the contents into a plastic glass. The guy in the queue in front of me bought ten (yes ten!) bottles of Budweiser which took almost all of half-time to decant/serve. I was almost dying of thirst while I waited for my turn!”

Steve Dobson adds: “I also suggest that visiting fans with a thirst for real ale, consider catching the train from Liverpool Street and stop off at Hackney Downs to visit the Pembury Tavern. Good beer and quality food. From there it is only 10 minutes on the train to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The pub is only a couple of hundred yards from Hackney Downs station on Amhurst Road.”

The pub which is featured in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide has no less than 16 real ales on offer! The question is, will you still then make it to the match?

Leave the M25 at Junction 25 and take the A10 towards Enfield. Continue on the A10 through Enfield and at the roundabout with the Northern Circular (A406), turn left onto the A406 (Sterling Way). Turn right into Fore Road (the A1010) which becomes the High Road and you will come to the stadium on your left.

Where to park at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

There is no parking available at the stadium itself for supporters and a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is in operation on matchdays, which extends up to a mile away from the ground. Within this zone, only local residents who have a parking permit and blue badge holders can park legally. The perimeter of the zone is up to a mile from the stadium and this has led to some private car parks near to the stadium charging up to £20 for the privilege. If you do decide to park away from the stadium then make sure that you take notice of the advisory parking notices attached to lamp posts, to ensure you are outside the CPZ Zone, as otherwise, you may find that your car gets towed away.

Seven Sisters Buses To Tottenham Hotspur Sign

Which train station is best for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

White Hart Lane Railway Station is the nearest to the stadium, which is only a few minutes walk away. It is served by trains from Liverpool Street. However visiting fans are being encouraged instead to use Northumberland Park Station, which is over beyond the side of the ground that the away fans are housed. It is only a ten minute walk away. On exiting the station cross the road and proceed along Park Lane. On reaching the stadium turn right and the entrance to the away supporters turnstiles is far down on the left. Northumberland Park is served by trains from Stratford.

What is the closest tube to Tottenham Stadium?

The nearest London Underground station is Seven Sisters which is on the Victoria Line. The ground is a good 30-35 minute walk away, but there are plenty of buses running up Tottenham High Road to the ground. On leaving Seven Sisters take exit 1, which leads up and out to the relevant bus stops. Chris Knibs informs me: “Although there are plenty of buses, not many of them go past the ground. Those that do mostly have numbers that end in a 9, so take 149, 249, 279 or 349. You can also get a normal overground train from Seven Sisters to White Hart Lane station.”

For travelling across London by public transport I recommend planning your journey ahead with the use of the Travel For London Plan your journey website.

As with most clubs nowadays, the ticket pricing at Tottenham’s stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, is tiered depending on the ‘grade’ of game you’re watching and the area of the stadium you sit in.

Category A games are the most premium fixtures with Category C at the other end; the bottom end ranges are detailed below

Adults – £30 to £80

Young Adults – £22.50 to £37.50

Children – £15 to £25

Seniors – £15 to £25

A full breakdown of the current pricing can be found on the official Tottenham website.

You can also book your tickets with SeatPick.

The songs most commonly associated with  Tottenham Hotspur are ‘Glory, Glory, Tottenham Hotpsur’ and ‘Oh when the Spurs, go marching in’.

Tickets to the new Tottenham stadium will cost you a pretty penny nowadays but it hasn’t always been that way; when the club first formed their games were played on what was essentially a field; it was known as the Tottenham marshes and was free to watch. Before the century was out, the club had moved. The Tottenham ground was now on Tottenham High Road on a patch of land near to a pub known as the White Hart. Fast forward five years and the Spurs stadium had transformed with over 30,000 people able to fit inside including over a third of them being treated to a roof overhead. Not too much later, Archibald Leitch were drafted in for redevelopment and before you knew it the stadium could hold over 50,000 people with a special spectator also being added – a bronze cockerel; it remains a huge part of the Tottenham story to this day.

Over the years numerous changes have been made to the stadium with the biggest alterations perhaps occurring as they turned the Tottenham stadium all seater; the final touches of this came after the Hillsborough enquiry although works to manoeuvre towards a seated experience had begun some time earlier with wholesale changes to the setup starting in the early sixties. From there on out alterations were minor until the huge change that saw a complete rebuild; that eventually resulted in their current stadium.

StubHub is the official ticketing marketplace partner of Tottenham Hotspur FC. This allows season ticket holders to sell tickets for individual matches where they are unable to attend. As they are being sold by supporters, prices tend to be normally more reasonable than going through a ticketing agency. Please note these tickets are for Home or Neutral supporters only. Check out their current availability of Tottenham Hotspur FC Tickets.

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Tottenham vs Arsenal rivalry: This is a rivalry born purely out of geography. Tottenham and Arsenal are just a few miles away and their games are full of blood and thunder.

Tottenham vs Chelsea rivalry: Tottenham vs Chelsea is another game born out of the fact both teams are London based. There is more to it than that though. For a long time the two sides were on a fairly level pegging; it means there has been a lot at stake when they’ve faced off. Cup finals, relegation battles and more. Chelsea’s rise under Roman Abramovich will have really hit a nerve with Spurs fans.

For details of disabled facilities and club contact at the ground please visit the relevant page on the  Level Playing Field website.

With big bucks thrown at a new stadium, you have to have a plan for how you’re making that money back. At least part of the spend at Tottenham’s stadium comes in through stadium tours.

There are a couple of different variations to the tour, which are priced slightly differently.

Stadium Tour:

Adults – £27

Child – £16

Concessions – £24

Matchday Tour:

Adults – £45

Child – £35

Concessions – £40.50

Other special events, like the Skywalk, are also available.

Full details for all of this can be found on the club website.

The Club have received permission from Haringey Council to add a total of 151 seats to the North and South Stands. This will increase the overall capacity of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to 62,213.

Record Attendance

At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium:
61,104 v Chelsea
Premier League, 22nd December 2019

At Wembley Stadium:
85,512 v Bayer Leverkusen Champions League, 2nd November 2016
This is the highest ever attendance recorded by an English Club for a home match.

Average Attendance

At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium:

2022-23: 61,576 (Premier League)
2021-2022: 56,523 (Premier League)
2020-2021: N/A (Covid-19)
2019-2020: 59,384 (Premier League)

At Wembley/New Stadium:
2018-2019: 54,216 (Premier League)

At Wembley Stadium
2017-2018: 67,953 (Premier League)

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