Individual Training Part 1 : Control Orientated

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part

The first part of futsal individual training series begins here.
Basic Concept

The first step in futsal is to focus on ball control and apply it with movement. This chapter breaks into 5 basic skills in futsal:


  1. Control Orientated
  2. Feint
  3. Off-the-ball movement
  4. Ball Protection
  5. Conduccion


This short post will be teaching on how to improve our ball control in Control Orientated.

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Futsal: What is it ?

A Brazilian futsal player

Futsal goes way back in 1989 in the Netherlands for the very first competitive World Cup held. Lately, futsal grows as a sport in England and Scotland in the form of five-a-side football, according to FIFA. The difference between futsal and five-a-side football is that futsal is on indoor surface whereas five-a-side football is on artificial grass surface. So, the focus of this post will be on futsal.

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Training 101: Juggling – Beginner

Juggling - The perfect practice

Juggling the ball is certainly one of the best practice method for improving you first touch and ball control, and not to mention, the basic aspects of most freestyle air moves. What many might not know is that juggling does not necessarily mean you have to use a standard soccer ball.

One of the greats of the game, Ronaldo (Luiz Nazario De Lima), once said that practicing with a smaller sized ball, such as a tennis ball or a mini (size 3) skill ball was one of the main contributors to his phenomenal touch and control. Remember, this was a player that started out playing Futsal, before moving onto standard 11-a-side football.

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