Player Profile: Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane, also known as ‘Zizou’ is perhaps one of the greatest professional footballer to ever grace the game during the last decade. One of the very few players to have won every top national and club level honours, Zidane has been the footballing idol of many youngsters who’ve been following the game throughout his distinguished career.


Red Bull Street Style 2010 World Finals

Red Bull Street Style 2010 Finals

After months of qualifying rounds worldwide, sixty freestylers represented their respective nations at the Red Bull Street Style 2010 World Finals in Cape Town, South Africa. Held over the course of 3 days, the world’s best freestylers simply had one target, which was to dethrone Arnaud ‘Sean’ Garnier, to be the next world freestyle champion.


Adidas Super Sala 8 Review


The 8th generation in adidas’ five a side futsal footwear range, the super sala 8 has certainly evolved a lot since the first sala series that was released a few years back. The super sala 8 is mainly targeted at futsal / 5 a side players as a mid range futsal shoe. The current sala range has two models available, the mid range ‘super sala’, and the high end ‘top sala’ series.


The Ajax Amsterdam Youth Academy

Amsterdam Arena

Ajax Amsterdam’s world famous youth academy, or perhaps better known in Holland as ‘De Toekomst’ Academy, which translates as ‘the future academy’, has very few competitors when it comes to producing world class footballers. Located outside the Amsterdam Arena, the youth academy has a state of the art training facility and 7 full sized pitches. With a massive budget of 4.5 million euros, the Ajax youth academy has an impressive 240 youth players which are divided into 7 different teams ranging from the seven year old age group, up to the under 19’s. Even more impressive is the fact that Ajax have 7 youth teams playing in a number of national leagues in Holland.


Risks of performing tricks during matches?

Injured after one too many step overs?

Okay, tried it a couple of times, but then again 70% of the time, the tricks don’t work. Yes, soccer tricks are ‘cool’, eye catchy and sometimes very satisfying, but sometimes during a real match, it is somewhat risky to be pulling of tricks – even for the pros. Imagine when a player like Sol Campbell, Lucio or Patrick Vieira coming after you to get the ball. Physical players like these can often cause injury to a player who tries to mess around with tricks. Well, back to our level then.


Training 101: Juggling – Beginner

Juggling - The perfect practice

Juggling the ball is certainly one of the best practice method for improving you first touch and ball control, and not to mention, the basic aspects of most freestyle air moves. What many might not know is that juggling does not necessarily mean you have to use a standard soccer ball.


Red Bull Street Style


The Red Bull Street Style world freestyle football competition is perhaps one of the more popular elite freestyle football competition today. The first ever Red Bull Street Style world finals kicked off with the 2008 edition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Winners of their respective national finals from 45 countries around the world contested in the world finals, which ended with Arnaud ‘Sean’ Garnier from France being crowned the World Finals Champion after defeating Yosuke Yokota from Japan. Sponsored by energy drink giants, Red Bull, this is probably the most publicized freestyle football competition around today where some big names in the world of football and futsal such as Edgar Davids and Falcao have been the guest judges.


Nike Five T3 Review


Catering to the 5-a-side futsal crowd, and even freestylers to a certain extent. The Nike Five range covers a whole range of related sporting equipment such as performance clothing, futsal shoes, astro turf shoes and futsal balls.

This time, we will take a look at the Nike 5 T3 futsal shoes, which is marketed as the ‘mid-range’ shoe within the Nike 5 Zoom ‘T’ series. The series consists of the entry level T1, the mid range T3, the upper-mid range T5 and the top end T7. We’ll touch on some of the notable differences among these different shoes later in the review.


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