Explore the Top Ligue 1 Player Salaries

The Ligue 1 has been one of the top-paying leagues in the world for quite some time now. However, the pay gap between the teams is higher than in any other league. While Paris Saint-Germain receives the most attention, there are many other quality teams in the league that are a little bit overlooked.

Below is a breakdown of the average player salary for all the teams in Ligue 1. As you can see, Paris Saint-Germain is currently the club that pays the best.

Are you curious about the average player salary for teams in France’s premier football league, Ligue 1? According to recent figures, the average salary for players in Ligue 1 is a whopping €1,176,910, with a combined yearly wage bill of €25,755,500. Unsurprisingly, Paris Saint-Germain is the club that pays the most, giving their players the best package. But what about the other teams in the league? How does their salary compare? With so many teams competing for the top spot, it’s clear that Ligue 1 is a highly competitive league, with each team battling

The average player salary in Ligue 1 is €1,176,910 and the average yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €25,755,500.

ClubAverage Annual SalaryYearly Wage Bill
1. Paris Saint-Germain€6,623,478€152,340,000
2. AS Monaco€2,565,789€48,750,000
3. Olympique de Marseille€2,149,067€38,683,200
4. Olympique Lyon€1,712,360€39,384,300
5. AS Saint Etienne€974,434€22,412,000
6. FC Bordeaux€846,400€19,467,200
7. Stade Rennais FC€840,615€20,174,700
8. LOSC Lille€826,420€19,834,100
9. OGC Nice€768,746€19,218,660
10. Montpellier HSC€630,120€10,712,000
11. FC Nantes€592,956€14,823,900
12. Angers SCO€509,275€12,222,600
13. Stade De Reims€504,895€10,602,800
14. RC Strasbourg€469,300€9,386,000
15. Stade Brest€312,709€6,879,600
16. FC Metz€306,750€7,668,650
17. RC Lens€296,391€7,113,400
18. FC Lorient€255,463€7,408,440
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