La Liga Player Salaries: An In-Depth Guide

La Liga has been one of the highest-paying leagues for many years now. With that said, the pay gap between the teams in the league is pretty shocking.

As you can see below, FC Barcelona is currently the club that pays the best in the league, while Elche CF pays the least.

The average player salary in the La Liga is £2,040,370 and the average yearly wage bill for all the players in a team is £47,715,610.

TeamAverage Annual SalaryYearly Wage Bill
1. FC Barcelona£7,606,400£190,160,000
2. Real Madrid£6,942,610£159,680,000
3. Atletico Madrid£5,516,250£132,390,000
4. Athletic Bilbao£2,766,833£66,404,000
5. Sevilla FC£2,740,560£68,514,000
6. Valencia CF£2,165,973£45,485,440
7. Real Betis£2,159,130£49,660,000
8. Real Sociedad£1,872,000£43,056,000
9. Celta Vigo£1,740,333£26,105,000
10. Villarreal CF£1,629,033£39,096,800
11. Levante UD£882,500£14,120,000
12. Getafe CF£839,577£21,829,000
13. SD Huesca£643,400£16,728,400
14. SD Eibar£637,216£15,293,200
15. Deportivo Alaves£594,577£15,459,000
16. Real Valladolid£552,556£12,708,800
17. Granada CF£534,000£13,884,000
18. CA Osasuna£441,800£11,486,800
19. Cádiz CF£312,226£71,812,000
20. Elche CF£230,644£5,074,160
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However, the difference in wages between the top sides and the bottom sides is still quite significant. For example, Barcelona players make an average of £6,196,252 per year, while Elche CF players only make an average of £608,814 per year. This massive pay gap is one of the main reasons why the league is so dominant in European football.

It is clear that La Liga is one of the highest-paying leagues in the world, with the clubs paying out some of the highest wages in football. Despite the large pay gap between the top and bottom teams, it is still a highly competitive and entertaining league that continues to attract fans from all over the world.