1. FSV Mainz 05 Player Salaries: A Detailed Analysis

1. FSV Mainz 05 Player Salaries: A Detailed Analysis

FSV Mainz 05 is one of the teams in the league that always are close to the bottom of the table, but keeps avoiding relegation. However, if you look at their low budget, it’s pretty impressing that they keep up with the better teams in the league.

Player salaries in the Bundesliga are better then most leagues in Europe, however, FSV Mainz is one of the lowest paying clubs in the league.

The average player salary in 1. FSV Mainz 05 is €688,333 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €20,650,000. Which makes them the 15th highest paying club in the Bundesliga.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in 1. FSV Mainz 05


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Robin Zentner€498,000€9,550
Omer Hanin€74,500€1,428
Finn Dahmen€78,000€1,496


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Moussa Niakhaté€797,000€15,285
Jeremiah St. Juste€1,000,000€19,178
Luca Kilian€190,000€3,643
Stefan Bell€827,000€15,860
Alexander Hack€600,000€11,506
Dimitri Lavalée€364,000€6,980
Aarón Martín€2,000,000€38,356
Daniel Brosinski€800,000€15,342
Phillipp Mwene€623,000€11,948


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Niklas Tauer€26,500€508
Pierre Kunde Malong€598,000€11,468
Edimilson Fernandes€1,800,000€34,520
Leandro Barreiro€106,000€2,032
Danny Latza€1,000,000€19,178
Merveille Papela€31,000€595
Kevin Stöger€986,000€18,909
Jean-Paul Boëtius€780,000€14,958
Levin Öztunali€780,000€14,958
Paul Nebel€25,000€479


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Robin Quaison€780,000€14,958
Jean-Philippe Mateta€1,800,000€34,520
Karim Onisiwo€700,000€13,424
Jonathan Burkardt€234,000€4,487
Dong-won Ji€1,000,000€19,178
Abass Issah€442,000€8,476
Ádám Szalai€1,500,000€28,767
Marlon Mustapha€20,000€383

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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