Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

Attention all soccer enthusiasts, parents, and coaches! Are you passionate about playing soccer? If so, you’re in for a treat! Get ready to elevate your soccer fun with the best soccer goals for backyard. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to six fantastic soccer goals that are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.

Why Do You Need a Soccer Goal in Your Backyard?

Having soccer goal equipment in your backyard means you can practice and play with your friends and family whenever you want! You don’t have to go to a park or wait for your turn at school. Just go outside, and you’re ready for some soccer fun. Plus, you’ll have your own little private space where you can improve your skills and become an even better player!

soccer goals for backyard fun
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These goals come in various sizes, ranging from mini to full size ones. A full size soccer goal is a big net where you can kick the ball into and score a goal! Just like the ones you see on TV when your favorite team is playing. And now you can have it right in your backyard! How cool is that?

Important Things to Look For in a Soccer Goal

When choosing a soccer goal, you need to think about some important things. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Size: Make sure the goal is big enough for you and your friends to have fun but small enough to fit in your backyard. A full size soccer goal is usually 8 feet high and 24 feet wide, but you can find different sizes to fit your space. 📏

  • Material: The goal should be made of strong and durable materials so it lasts a long time, even if you play a lot. Some common materials are steel, aluminum, and PVC. 💪

  • Portability: If you want to move your goal around or take it to a friend’s house, look for one that is easy to carry and transport. Some goals have wheels, while others can be taken apart and put back together quickly. 🚛

  • Easy Setup: Choose a goal that is easy to set up and take down so you can spend more time playing soccer and less time worrying about the goal. Some goals come with clear instructions and all the tools you need. 🔧

Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Fun

Now that you know what to look for, let’s check out our curated top 6 soccer goals

1. Lifetime Soccer Goal: Super Strong Goal

Lifetime is a family-owned company based in Utah, USA. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Lifetime has been revolutionizing the industry for over 35 years. From award-winning basketball hoops to versatile outdoor furniture and everything in between, their extensive range of products is crafted to withstand the test of time.

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

  • Alloy steel, weather and rust resistant
  • Heavy duty nylon net
  • Portable folding design
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

2. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Goal

Franklin Sports have been around for even longer, since 1946. Known for their iconic baseball Franklin batting glove, they’ve now expanded into more sports like soccer, basketball and hockey. As an official partner of MLS, Franklin Sports upholds a standard of excellence in soccer equipment, ensuring top-notch quality and performance for players of all levels.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal

  • Best for training or small games
  • Fibreglass frame and all weather net
  • Tie down ground stakes for added stability
  • Foldable with a carry on bag
  • Available in three colors and four sizes
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

3. Quickplay Kickster Soccer Net

Quickplay is UK based brand with a singular focus on soccer. At the heart of their lineup is the Kickster goal, their flagship product that first hit the market in 2007 and has since remained a top contender in its category. Fast forward to today, and Quickplay has blossomed into an international , with its headquarters now based in the US.

QUICKPLAY Kickster Soccer Goal Range – Ultra Portable Soccer Goal | Includes Soccer Net and Carry Bag [Single Goal]

  • original PATENTED high-tension technology
  • Click and lock pre-attached pole system for fast set-up
  • High tension net
  • Shock absorbing bungee attachment system for a longer net life
  • Designed in the UK & USA by soccer players
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

4. SKLZ Quickster Goal

SKLZ offers a wide range of training gear for various sports including baseball, soccer, golf, and basketball. But there’s more to SKLZ than just sports equipment – not only do they provide top-notch gear for athletes, but they also prioritize environmental and social responsibility. SKLZ is dedicated to fostering community strength through diversity and inclusion initiatives, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in sports. Choose SKLZ for quality training gear that’s good for you and the planet!

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

Price range: $80-180
  • Can be used for training or games
  • Heavy gauge frame with reinforced corners and 2-ply net
  • Spring-button, click-lock tubes for easy setup
  • Additional attachments to ensure net remains in place
  • Metal stakes included, providing stability on multiple surfaces
  • Carrying case included
  • Available in three sizes 12×6, 6×4, 8×5 ft
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

5. Franklin Sports Premier Steel Goal

Franklin’s commitment to quality shines through once again as another one of their exceptional products earns its spot on this list. While the Blackhawk falls into the mid-range category, the Competition Goal surpasses expectations by offering premium features and durability. Whether you opt for the folding or non-folding model, you can expect superior stability and longevity to elevate your game to new heights.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goals

  • Great for backyard training sessions or recreational games
  • Lightweight galvanized steel posts with an all weather nylon net
  • 4 Metal ground stakes for added stability
  • Poles attach with snapping mechanism
  • Net attaches to poles with self stick straps
  • Options for folding / non-folding
  • Three size options: 10×5, 12×6, 6×4
  • Three color options
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards

6. F2C Heavy-Duty Soccer Goal

F2C is another brand on Amazon that provide quality soccer goals. Measures 12′ Long X 6′ High X 4′ Wide; Weighs 24 pounds, good size for practicing corner kicks or shooting, these portable soccer goal posts fit in the basement for winter, and doesn’t eat up the entire backyard during summer. Great gift to family, friends or your football clubs/ teams.

F2C Soccer Goal

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • 2mm HDPE UV treated soccer goal net, equipped with secure velcro strips
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • 6 J-shaped ground anchors and precision locking pins that secure the poles together
  • Assembly diagram with instructions included
  • Size 12×6 ft makes it a great option for backyards
  • Can also be used in recreational games on larger fields
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Top 6 Soccer Goal Equipment for Backyards


So there you have it, our top 6 FANTASTIC Soccer Goals for backyards! Each of these goals helps to make the most of your backyard through some soccer fun, and will help you become an even better player. Just remember to look for the right size, material, portability, and easy setup when choosing your goal.


Can I use these goals for other sports too?

Yes, you can use these goals for other sports like field hockey or lacrosse. Just make sure the ball you’re using fits the goal and the net is strong enough to handle it.

Do these goals require any tools for assembly?

No, the portable soccer goals are usually collapsible and can be easily set up or taken down without the need for any tools. They often come with twist and lock mechanisms for easy assembly.

How tall are these soccer goal equipment?

The height of these soccer goals can vary, but most standard sizes are around 3ft. This makes them suitable for youth soccer or recreational games.

Can I use these soccer goals for team practice?

Yes, the portable soccer goal posts are great for team practice as they can be easily set up and provide a target goal for drills and exercises.

What is the size of a mini soccer goal?

A mini soccer goal is typically 4 feet x 4 feet in size, perfect for youth soccer or training purposes.

Are these goals safe for young children?

These goals are designed for kids and are generally safe. However, make sure to supervise young children when they’re playing and set up the goal correctly to prevent any accidents.

How do I maintain my soccer goal?

To keep your goal in good condition, clean it regularly with a damp cloth and check for any loose parts or damage. If the goal is made of metal, you may need to repaint it occasionally to prevent rust.

Are there different sizes available for portable soccer goals?

Yes, from full size soccer goals to mini versions, they come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs. You can choose the size that is perfect for your backyard or soccer field. Popular sizes are 12×6, 10×5, 6×4 feet

Can I leave my soccer goal outside all the time?

Most portable soccer goal posts are designed to be weather-resistant, so you can leave them outside. However, it’s a good idea to bring them in during extreme weather conditions or when you’re not using them for a long time. This will help keep your soccer goal in great shape for even more backyard fun!