Get Your Free Soccer Ebooks Now! Updated 2024

Dive into our collection of free soccer eBooks, packed with expert tips, drills, and strategies to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or a seasoned player aiming to refine your technique, our eBooks have got you covered.

1) La84 Soccer Coaching Manual

La84 fundation – Source: La84 fundation
The LA84 Foundation stands tall as a beacon of support and advocacy for youth sports programs. With a robust 30-year legacy of hands-on experience, they’ve been the driving force behind countless Southern California youth sports organizations, empowering them through strategic grant-making initiatives.

Apart from funding, they’re all about equipping coaches with the tools they need to inspire and mentor young athletes, commissioning groundbreaking research to unravel the mysteries of youth sports, and hosting dynamic conferences that bring together minds from all corners of the sports world.

2) Football Coaching Soccer UEFA A&B Youth Academy Drills

Source: Meadowridge Association Football Club LINK

3) Laws of the Game (2015/16)

FIFA – Source: FIFA
Since way back in 1886, The International Football Assocaition Board (IFAB) has been on a mission to create a level playing field by standardizing the Laws of the Game for international competitions. They’re like the guardians of football’s golden rules, ensuring fair play and excitement on pitches worldwide. IFAB serves as the heart of football’s regulatory framework, making sure every kick, pass, and goal follows the same universally recognized guidelines.

4) 300 Soccer Drills

Tom Sauder – Source: My Gameday App

5) Tom Sauder Books (various)

Kids soccer basics
Youth Foundation Practice
Youth Competitve Practice
Competitve Pro Practice
Soccer Goalkeeping Practice
Systems of Play and Strategy
Indoor Soccer Practice

Sportsconnect have been working in the field of youth sports for over 17 years. They provide technology services that help sports organizations worldwide.

7) Game Changer by David Mcewen – Source: Simply Soccer Pro
8) So You Want To Be A Soccer Player? A Beginners Guide to Soccer Player Development

by Dylan Tooby – Source: Carnegie Mellon University

free soccer ebooks
Free soccer-ebook
9) FIFA Youth Football Training Manual

Source: FIFA

10) Activity Guide for Aldi Miniroos

Play Footbal – Source: Play Footbal

11) Soccer drills and practice plans

Steve parker – Source: Steve parker

12) 4/Kindergarten Soccer Practice Guide

Mahomet Parks and Recreation – Source: Mahomet Parks and Recreation

13) Youth Goalkeeping Techniques & Practices (Power point presentation)

Andy Reynolds – Source: English Football Association

Here ends our selection of free Soccer ebooks. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!