Master Control-Oriented Skills with Individual Training Part 1

Step 1: Shield the ball using the sole part
The first part of futsal individual training series begins here.

Basic Concept

The first step in futsal is to focus on ball control and apply it with movement. This chapter breaks into 5 basic skills in futsal:

  1. Control Orientated
  2. Feint
  3. Off-the-ball movement
  4. Ball Protection
  5. Conduccion

This short post will be teaching on how to improve our ball control in Control Orientated.

Part 1: Control Orientated

A futsal player must decide his next 2 steps should be before receiving a pass from his teammates. So, a player’s thought flow in this video should be as follows:

First Touch
Shielding the ball to position for the second touch. Be aware of a player behind because you lose through interception.

Second Touch
Place it nicely to shoot the ball towards an empty net after your first touch.

Step 2: Roll it forward to shoot

Benefits of this practice

Keep practicing and try it out in futsal matches, and gradually you will improve on your ball touches and making a simple effective decision for your team.

Watch the Control Orientado in the video below.

The next post series will focus on how you can feint your opponent to buy some space on the futsal court: Feint