Nashville SC Player Salaries: A Comprehensive Review

Nashville SC Player Salaries: A Comprehensive Review

Nashville SC is one of the teams in the MLS with the lowest budgets, which shows in their payroll. They currently have the lowest average player salary in the league, which may be because it’s only their second season in the MLS.

Player salaries in the MLS can’t be compared to the top leagues in Europe, but if you consider the overall quality of the teams and players in the league, the payrolls aren’t too bad to be fair.

The average player salary in Nashville SC is $168,300, and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $5,050,000. This makes them the lowest-paying club in the MLS.

Below is a breakdown of each player’s salary in Nashville SC (divided by position)


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Elliot Panicco$56,500$56,500
Joe Willis$165,000$172,000
Adrián Zendejas$70,250$70,250


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Daniel Lovitz$97,453$97,453
Jalil Anibaba$101,250$101,250
David Romney$102,000$118,950
Miguel Nazarith$65,500$65,500
Eric Miller$108,549$124,424


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Ken Tribbett$51,500$51,500
Jack Maher$75,000$80,900
Taylor Washington$70,250$70,250
Walker Zimmerman$600,000$600,000
Brayan Beckeles$65,500$65,500
Tanner Dieterich$75,000$80,900
Luke Haakenson$56,500$56,500
Alistair Johnston$56,500$56,500
Dax McCarty$700,000$700,000
Randall Leal$70,250$70,250
Hany Mukhtar$56,500$56,500
David Accam$1,010,004$1,137,920
Aníbal Godoy$450,000$498,125
Derrick Jones$75,000$80,900
Matt LaGrassa$70,250$70,250
Brian Anunga$56,500$56,500
Jimmy Medranda$155,004$155,004


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Shak Adams$99,999$134,999
Abu Danladi$145,000$180,000
Dominique Badj$200,000206,250
Daniel Rios$80,000$91,625
Alan Winn$70,250$70,250

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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