New York City FC Player Salaries: An Inside Look

New York City FC Player Salaries: An Inside Look

New York City FC is one of the most impressive teams in the MLS. They’re not the best team, but considering their low budget, they keep outperforming the richer MLS clubs.

While MLS payrolls can’t be compared to the top leagues in Europe, but if you consider the quality of the teams in the league, the payrolls aren’t too bad to be fair.

The average player salary in New York City FC is $384,500, and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $9,588,000. This makes them the 12th highest-paying club in the MLS.

Below is a breakdown of each player’s salary in New York City FC (divided by position)


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Sean Johnson$400,000$400,000
Brad Stuver$100,000$100,000
Luis Barraza$63,500$63,500


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Maxime Chanot$650,000$650,000
Alexander Callens$600,000$664,500
Anton Tinnerholm$497,750$581,750
Ronald Matarrita$300,000$420,000
Sebastien Ibeagha$285,000$330,000
James Sands$81,375$81,375
Tayvon Gray$81,375$90,250
Joe Scally$81,375$81,375


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Maximiliano Moralez$2,000,000$2,000,000
Alexander Ring$850,000$945,000
Jesus Medina$750,000$750,000
Alexandru Mitrita$500,000$500,000
Ismael Tajouri-Shrad$350,000$380,000
Gudmundur Thórarinsson$285,000$305,000
Gary Mackay-Steven$260,000$274,750
Valentín Castellanos$249,750$275,750
Nicolás Acevedo$125,000$130,000
Gedion Zelalem$81,750$90,750
Tony Rocha$81,750$81,750
Juan Torres$70,250$84,750
Justin Haak$63,500$63,500


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation

If there are any new signings or other updates to the player salaries, I will update the information above.

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