All About Sassuolo Calcio Player Salaries

All About Sassuolo Calcio Player Salaries

Sassuolo Calcio is one of the most impressing teams in the Serie A right now. Despite not having the biggest budget, they keep up with all the richer teams in the league.

Player salaries in the Serie A are one of the highest in the world, and as you can imagine, Sassuolo Calcio is not among the biggest contributors to that.

The average player salary in Sassuolo Calcio is €882,267 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €21,174,400. Which makes them the 14th highest paying club in the Serie A.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in Sassuolo Calcio.


PlayerWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Andrea Consigli€34,000€1,768,000
Gianluca Pegolo€16,000€832,000


PlayerWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Vlad Chiriches€49,000€2,548,000
Federico Peluso€20,000€1,040,000
Gian Marco Ferrari€19,000€988,000
Jeremy Toljan€18,000€936,000
Filippo Romagna€14,000€728,000
Mert Müldür€9,000€468,000
Georgios Kyriakopoulos€6,200€322,400


PlayerWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Domenico Berardi€33,000€1,716,000
Filip Djuricic€23,000€1,196,000
Francesco Magnanelli€23,000€1,196,000
Pedro Obiang€20,000€1,040,000
Manuel Locatelli€20,000€1,040,000
Federico Ricci€20,000€1,040,000
Mehdi Bourabia€17,000€884,000
Hamed Junior Traorè€16,000€832,000
Jérémie Boga€12,000€624,000
Lukas Haraslin€3,000€156,000


PlayerWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Gregoire Defrel€29,000€1,508,000
Fransesco Caputo€27,000€1,404,000
Giacoma Raspadori€16,000€832,000

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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