Master the Art of Soccer Juggling with These Expert Tricks

soccer juggling trick

A beginner soccer juggling trick

  1. The ball should be positioned about a foot away from your weaker foot. Line the ball up with your ankle.
  2. Position your stronger foot behind your body about a half of a step. You want to keep it out of the way while rolling the ball.
  3. Roll the ball across to your foot with your hand. Do not push it.
  4. Maintain your plant foot firm on the ground. Keep it firm, if it gives at all, you will need to start over.
  5. Relax and juggle when the ball volleys up. Stay relaxed and do not rush. If you do this right, the ball will pop up and you will have a second or two to get your juggling foot up and start juggling.
  6. How to Start

    It will help to begin practicing without a ball. Get comfortable.

    Common Mistakes While Soccer Juggling

    If the ball isn’t volleying for you, you are moving your foot or not keeping it firm. When the ball hits it, your foot will act like a rock and it will volley up. Also, make sure you are hitting the ankle bone or strike point of your foot, not the toe area.

    If the ball is rolling too fast, make sure you are not pushing the ball. Don’t push it. Instead, put your hand on top the ball and allow it to roll.

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    Pro Tip

    Confidence is key when soccer juggling. This is a beginner trick, but as with anything, it can take time. The most important thing is to always have fun. Practice and persistence will help you master this trick in no time.

    Make sure you watch the video below and see how this soccer juggling trick is done especially if you are a visual learner. It will be easier to understand the concept if you watch the video as well as read the instructions.