The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

This soccer ball size guide by Soccer Tricks will assist in finding the right soccer ball size can be confusing, especially if you are purchasing the ball as a gift or for someone else. So what soccer ball size do you need?

Soccer Ball Sizes

If you have just a little bit of information about the player you should have no problem using our guide below to find the right soccer ball size.

Soccer balls sizes correspond to player age, but ball size for youth soccer leagues can differ from league to league. In general, here are the appropriate soccer ball size by age:

Soccer Ball Size Guide by Age

Age GroupBall Size

Soccer Ball Size Dimensions

Soccer Ball SizeBall Circumference
Size 527-28 inches (68-70 cm)
Size 425-26 inches (63.5-66 cm)
Size 323-24 inches (58.5-61 cm)
Size 118-20 inches (46-51 cm)
See Official FIFA football standards to find certified balls, providers and even official test institutes.

Size 5 Soccer Balls

soccer ball in grass

For most players (over the age of 12, including adults and professionals this includes 12U soccer ball size) a Size 5 ball is best suited and standard. The circumference or distance around the ball is 27″-28″ and the weight is generally 410-450 grams. A size 5 is referred to as the ‘normal soccer ball size’, professional size soccer ball, professional soccer ball size, adult size soccer ball, and the adult soccer ball size. As you now know, Size 5 is the FIFA standard for soccer ball size for any players 12 years and older and has remained the standard size for over a century.

Size 5 soccer balls should have air pressure between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI.

Size 5 soccer ball age is 12+ in most areas, however some U10 organizations here in Michigan use a size 5 ball. We also recommend confirming ball size with your league or association.

Premium match balls will carry the “FIFA Inspected” or “FIFA Approved” stamp, meaning that they have undergone and passed proper testing. These types of Size 5 balls generally cost more than other balls available; however, they are also generally used for major or sanction competitions, tournaments, and matches. Match balls will also carry some certification or approval, but it will be from a different overseeing body, such as NCAA. A majority of the professional soccer leagues around the world prefer that a soccer ball size 5 is adjusted and filled at 13 PSI. Every soccer ball manufacturer and each soccer ball size may have a recommendation for the pressure or PSI printed directly on the the soccer ball so check that first!

Bestselling Size 5 Soccer Balls

adidas Tango Glider Ball

Price range: $15-35
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane material which is elastic and resistant to oil, grease and abrasion
  • Size 5, smaller sizes 3 and 4 also available
  • Requires pump for first use
  • Sticker can be hard to remove from product
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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

adidas Starlancer Club Ball

  • Machine-stitched, standard size soccer ball
  • SIZED FOR 12 plus: Size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12 plus
  • KEEPS ITS SHAPE: Butyl bladder for best air retention
  • REQUIRES INFLATION: Ships flat, pump not included
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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

adidas MLS League Nativo Ball – Match Ball Replica

Price range: $40-50
  • Match ball replica
  • Fifa certified
  • TSBE technology for a seamless surface
  • Requires pump for first use
  • Available in size 4, 5 and two colors
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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

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Size 4 Soccer Ball

Size 4 balls are generally used for those players U8 to U11 (Size 4 is the regulated size for 8U soccer ball size). The dimensions of a size 4 ball are roughly 25″-26″ in circumference weigh between 350-390 grams. A size 4 soccer ball is the proper size soccer ball for 7 year olds, 8 year olds, 9 year olds, and 10 year olds. The smaller size is more beneficial for the above-mentioned age group since it will allow players to get accustomed to their skill set with an appropriate apportioned ball. Those at this age may find a size too big for them to skillfully work with a ball due to the size of the individual.

Soccer leagues will generally and should be using the correct ball size for the appropriate age group during games, practices, and such. It is vital for the development of the individual player to use the correct equipment. Size 4 soccer ball is commonly referred to as kids soccer ball size.

Size 3 Soccer Balls

Size 3 balls are best suited for U8 or younger players. The typical measurements around are 23″-24″, weighing about 300-320 grams. A size 3 ball is the smallest competitive ball used. The use of the appropriate size ball for this age group is essential for development. It will allow them to kick, dribble, and move with the ball in a more skillful and easier manner. Again, the use of a larger size ball can cause issues due to the player’s size.

This is the u8 soccer ball size here in Michigan, however, we have traveled and seen other organizations using up to a size 5?!?!? for for u8 games. Hopefully you won’t run into this! The u8 soccer ball size or 8u soccer ball size should be a size 3 soccer ball. But of course, if you have big children (Erling Haaland) then I’m sure a size 5 at age 5 is fine 🙂

Senda Rio Futsal Ball

Price range: $30 – 80
  • USA Youth Official Ball
  • Durable surface made for hard courts and wooden floors
  • Reinforced bladder
  • Machine stitched seams
  • Fair trade certified
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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

Size 1 Soccer Ball

Size 1 soccer balls are commonly known as “mini balls”, and generally for novelty purposes. However, size 1 balls can be very useful for skills development of all ages. Generally, the ball is about 18″-20″ round and will vary in weight. This size is perfect to provide as a gift, first introduction to a toddler, or used to hone touch and overall skill.

adidas Adult MLS Mini Soccer Ball

Price range: $12-18
  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Size 1 ball – it will fit in an adult palm
  • Foam core means no inflation needed
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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Ball Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit

Hopefully you found this soccer ball size guide useful and are able to find the right size soccer ball for you or your player(s)!

Soccer Ball Sizes FAQs

What is the right soccer ball size by age according to the soccer ball size chart?

The right size soccer ball by age broadly follows these guidelines: toddlers and preschool kids (age 2-4) use a size 2 soccer ball, kids from age 4 to age 8 should use a size 3, kids from age 8 to 12 use size 4, and teenagers and adults (age 13 and onward) should use size 5, which is the official size used in professional soccer matches.

How does the correct ball size affect ball control and handling in youth soccer?

Choosing the right soccer ball size helps develop proper ball handling and control skills. A smaller, lighter ball size and weight becomes easier to kick and control, providing youth players with easier ball handling and better skill ball adoption

What determines the five soccer ball sizes, and what are the different soccer ball sizes?

As per the soccer ball size chart, the different soccer ball sizes range from size 1 to size 5. Size 1 is the smallest ball, mostly used for promotional reasons. Size 2 is designed for youth players aged between two to four years. Size 3 is used for kids between four and eight years. Size 4 is for kids aged between eight to twelve years. The largest is size 5, used for ages 13 and above, and it’s the official ball size used in adult soccer games.

Can youth soccer players use the official-size soccer ball in their games?

Technically, yes, they can. However, for youth soccer players, it’s crucial to use a youth soccer ball size appropriate for their age to develop proper ball handling and control skills. A size 5 ball can be too large and heavy for them, hindering their ability to control it and play soccer effectively.

Why do professional soccer players use the official size and weight soccer balls?

Professional soccer players use an official size of size 5, as it is the standard size used in professional soccer matches worldwide. The size and weight of this soccer ball are designed to provide consistent performance, enhancing the gameplay, balancing ball control, speed, and accuracy.

How do I choose the right soccer ball size for my kid?

Choosing the right soccer ball size for your kid involves understanding their age and the corresponding ball size. You need to refer to the soccer ball size chart for this. Size 2 is suitable for young kids between two to four years, size 3 for kids between four to eight, and size 4 for kids aged eight to twelve. Teens and adults use size 5

Are there any benefits for kids to play with a smaller soccer ball?

Yes, playing with a smaller soccer ball can be beneficial. It enables better ball control and handling, essential skills for youth players to develop. The smaller size makes it manageable for them to kick, leading to an improvement in their soccer skills.

Which soccer ball is best for kids just starting to play soccer?

A size 2 or 3 soccer ball is best for kids just starting, depending on their age. These sizes are easier to handle, fostering the development of their skills, ball control, and love for the game. Ensuring the ball isn’t too heavy for them to kick and manage is crucial

What to look for when choosing the right soccer ball besides size and weight?

When choosing the right soccer ball, besides the correct soccer ball size, other factors to consider include the ball’s material for durability, the type of bladder which affects air retention, and the type of stitching. Also, the playing surface (grass, turf, indoor) should be considered as some balls are designed for specific surfaces.

Is the best soccer ball the same for all soccer players?

No, the best soccer ball varies with the player’s age, skills, handling, play level, and specific requirements. A youth player’s correct soccer ball size would not be the best for an adult professional player. It’s all about choosing the appropriate size for the player’s age, skill, and playing conditions.

What pressure is a premier league soccer ball?

FIFA states that the air pressure in a regulation soccer ball must be between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI. Premier League soccer balls maintain the regulated air pressure for soccer balls as per the FIFA soccer ball pressure rule.