Cristiano Ronaldo Knuckleball Free Kick Football Skill

When you want to learn a knuckleball soccer free-kick it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear or what kind of ball u use. Everyone can learn it, but one needs more practice than the other.

How to do a knuckleball in soccer

Important to know is that there must be no backspin when shooting. Steps on how to hit a knuckleball in soccer.

Step 1: run-up; take 4-5 steps back and 1 to the left, then walk straight to the ball and hit it
Step 2: where to hit the ball? try to hit the ball as low as possible, without giving the ball backspin
Step 3: which part of your foot? between the inside and instep of your shoe
Step 4: body position; it’s important to lean over the ball, that helps to avoid backspin

Now try it step after step and practice a nice knuckleball!

Cristiano Ronaldo Knuckleball Free-Kick Tutorial Video

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