Master Gambetta Football Skill: Proven Techniques for Success

There are several different so-called trademarks of the Gambetta, some of which are:

  • Keeping to ball close to the feet when dribbling, not too close to cause the player to trip over it, and not too far to cause the player to lose control of it
  • Employing the Shoulder drop to trick the opponent to commit in the wrong direction, quickly anticipating this and reacting accordingly
  • Usage of feints with swift changes in dribbling direction, also done by quickly changing the direction of the hips
  • Quick, short changes in direction when dribbling

Among the most famous of Gambetta skill, dribbles have got to be Diego Maradona’s slalom past half the England team in the 1986 World Cup where, Maradona, almost effortlessly drifts past the defenders, using feints and quick directional changes.

Watch the amazing Gambetta dribbling below, reminding up that we never belonged on the pitch in the first place…

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