SS Lazio Player Salaries: Full Analysis

SS Lazio Player Salaries: Full Analysis

SS Lazio have been one of the best teams in the Serie A for many years now. Despite that, Lazio’s player salaries are far from reflecting that.

Player salaries in the Serie A are one of the highest in the world, and SS Lazio is a very average team when it comes to player salaries.

The average player salary in SS Lazio is €1,109,375 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €35,500,000. Which makes them the 12th highest paying club in the Serie A.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in SS Lazio.


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Marius Adamonis€800,000€15,400
Marco Alia€450,000€8,650
Guido Guerrieri€650,000€12,500
Silvio Proto€1,000,000€19,250
Thomas Strakosha€1,200,000€23,075


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Francesco Acerbi€1,500,000€125,000
Djavan Anderson€1,000,000€95,000
Nicolò Armini€300,000€30,000 
Luca Falbo€450,000€38,000
Jordan Lukaku€1,000,000€95,000
Stefan Radu€1,400,000€123,500
Luiz Felipe€800,000 €68,000
Jorge Silva€500,000 €42,000
Denis Vavro€1,000,000€95,000


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Danilo Cataldi€1,100,000€21,150
Joaquín Correa€1,500,000€28,750
Manuel Lazzari€1,500,000€28,850
Lucas Leiva€2,300,000€44,250
Senad Lulic€1,400,000€26,900
Adam Marusic€900,000€17,300
Sergej Milinkovic€2,500,000€48,075
Abukar Mohamed€500,000€9,500
Marco Parolo€1,400,000€26,900
André Anderson€450,000€8,500
Luis Alberto€1,800,000€34,600


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Bobby Adekanye€500,000€42,000
Felipe Caicedo€1,700,000€150,000
Ciro Immobile€2,500,000€210,000
Raul Moro€300,000 €30,000

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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