Unraveling Vancouver Whitecaps Player Salaries

Unraveling Vancouver Whitecaps Player Salaries

Vancouver Whitecaps is one of the teams with the lowest player salaries in the MLS. This shows in their performance as well; they are constantly at the bottom of the table.

While MLS salaries can’t be compared to the top leagues in Europe, it isn’t too bad if you consider the quality of the teams in the league.

The average player salary in Vancouver Whitecaps FC is $187,300, and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $5,432,000. This makes them the second lowest-paying club in the MLS.

Below is a breakdown of each player’s salary in Vancouver Whitecaps (divided by position)


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Maxime Crépeau$120,200$120,200
Thomas Hasal$56,250$66,250
Bryan Meredith$70,875$70,875


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Derek Cornelius$99,999$111,192
Gianfranco Facchineri$75,500$83,250
Érik Godoy$381,818$449,318
Cristián Gutiérrez$50,250$52,250
Jasser Khmiri$180,000$180,000


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Ali Adnan$1,200,000$1,277,499
Jake Nerwinski$120,000$124,125
Ranko Veselinovic$70,250$70,250
Michael Baldisimo$56,250$83,012
Janio Bikel$50,250$56,250
Simon Colyn$56,250$81,250
Hwang In-Beom$600,000$655,000
Patrick Metcalfe$50,650$59,650
David Milinkovic$70,250$83,012
Georges Mukumbilwa$56,250$56,250
Leonard Owusu$56,250$56,250
Damiano Pecile$70,250$70,250
Ryan Raposo$56,250$56,250
Yordy Reyna$650,000$713,410
Michael Baldisimo$56,250$83,012
Theo Bair$56,250$56,250
Lucas Cavallini$70,250$70,250


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Cristian Dájome$50,650$59,650
Fredy Montero$768,000$968,000
Tosaint Ricketts$70,250$70,250
Russell Teibert$170,000$190,000

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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