Cruyff Turn

Named after the Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Turn can be a very handy tool in your soccer tricks skill set. Not to mention it is beginner friendly. Here’s the lowdown: Plant your non kicking leg next to the ball, fake a shot or pass with your other leg, and bam! At the very last second, swing it around the back of the standing leg, leaving your marker dazed and confused. Simple yet effective. It’s all about balance and a touch of footballing confidence. Time to add a touch of Dutch flair to your game!

soccer tricks - cruyff turn
David Villa during USA vs Spain, 2011. Photo by md.faisalzaman
Breaking down the Cruyff Turn Step by Step
Step 1: Set the Stage

Master this technique on both a stationary and a rolling ball. Regardless of the scenario, prioritize maintaining a well-balanced and composed body. Your stability is the key to pulling off the Cruyff Turn.

Step 2: Plant the Seed

Plant your non-kicking foot confidently next to the ball. In the same motion, swing your other foot behind you as if you were gearing up for a kick/pass.

Step 3: The Magic Swing

Now, here’s the pivotal step. While swinging your kicking foot for the feigned kick/pass, execute a last-minute directional change. Wrap your foot around the front of the ball and flick it backward, sending it in the opposite direction of the fake kick/pass.

Step 4: Maintain Balance

In the crucial moment of directional change and flick, your body takes twists in an unnatural way. The more flexible you are, the larger directional change you can achieve. Employ your hands to maintain balance, facilitating a swift turn to pursue the ball. Leave your bewildered opponent in the dust.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Even though it’s a simple skill, the Cruyff Turn requires practice. Hit the training ground and repeat these steps until it becomes second nature. Balance is key.

Watch the Dutch legend himself in action:

The world first witnessed Johan Cruyff iconic dummy move in the Holland vs. Sweden clash during the 1974 World Cup group stage. With Swedish defender Jan Olsson hot on his heels, Cruyff pulled off a jaw-dropping 180-degree turn, leaving his marker in the dust.

Cruyff Turn tutorial by AllAttack channel

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