The Trivela

The “trivela” (translates from Portugese as “curl”) is a term used in soccer to describe a specific technique of striking the ball. It involves using the outside of the foot to curl …

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Rabona

The Rabona

Among the plethora of techniques that dazzle soccer spectators, one of the most popular ones in recent times is the rabona. It is a skill where a player kicks the ball with …

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Sombrero Flick

The sombrero flick is a neat little football skill that involves lifting the ball over your head in a graceful arc, leaving opponents bewildered. It’s a move that epitomizes finesse and creativity, …

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Popcorn Flick

Enter the Popcorn Flick – a delightful deadball soccer trick that, when executed with finesse, appears magical. But there’s no sorcery; this move is all about the artful use of your toe

Cruyff Turn

Named after the Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Turn can be a very handy tool in your soccer tricks skill set. Not to mention it is beginner friendly

Stepover Double Touch

The Stepover Double Touch is a variation of the classic stepover move that takes your dribbling skills to the next level. This dynamic technique seamlessly combines two soccer tricks – the stepover and the double touch

Eureka Heel Flick

The Eureka Heel Flick is a stylish and complex soccer move that will leave opponents dazzled and spectators in awe. It involves two main parts: swiveling the body around the ball and using the heel of your foot to flick the ball, all in one fluid motion


In soccer tricks lingo, a stepover is a nifty move where a player deceives their defender by pretending to kick or control the ball but actually avoids making contact. It’s a kind of feint where you “step over” the ball.

The Scoop

The scoop is similar to the chip or the lob in the sense that the aim is to arc the ball over the opponent. However, the scoop allows for greater height and …

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Hocus Pocus Football

Hocus Pocus is a variation of the Ronaldinho-fame elastico or flip-flap skill. Here the ball is moved in the opposite direction, behind the standing leg and emerging out in the front. It …

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