Hocus Pocus Football

Hocus Pocus is a variation of the Ronaldinho-fame elastico or flip-flap skill. Here the ball is moved in the opposite direction, behind the standing leg and emerging out in the front. It is sometimes referred to as the reverse elastico.

How to do the Hocus Pocus skill?

Step 1: Set Your Position

Begin by positioning yourself with the ball. Place your non-dominant foot ahead of the ball, ensuring your weight is balanced on this leg. This sets the stage for the trick.

Step 2: Execute the First Movement

With the inside of the dominant foot, gently push the ball to the opposite side of your standing leg. Remember, the key here is precision, not power. Focus on guiding the ball smoothly rather than kicking it forcefully.

Step 3: Continue the Motion

As the ball rolls behind your standing leg, swiftly use the outside of your foot to redirect it in the opposite direction, now in front of your standing leg. This seamless transition is crucial for the trick’s effectiveness.

Step 4: Surprise and Conquer

As your opponent grapples with the unexpected change in direction, seize the opportunity to accelerate past them

Hocus Pocus Football Skill Compilation

by Football Overall channel

Hocus Pocus variation

Neymar and Ronaldo with hocus pocus football
Neymar and Ronaldo with the hocus pocus

Neymar and Ronaldo showcase another nuanced variation of the skill. In this rendition, the ball is elegantly rolled behind the standing leg instead of being pushed. This subtle modification highlights the versatility of the skill, emphasizing that it can be executed in numerous ways. The common thread among these variations is the intent to deceive opponents, underscoring the importance of trickery in mastering the move.