The Scoop

The scoop is similar to the chip or the lob in the sense that the aim is to arc the ball over the opponent. However, the scoop allows for greater height and curve on the ball’s trajectory. The key distinction lies in the method: instead of striking the ball, it is deftly ‘pushed’ into the air.

Step by step tutorial

Executing a soccer scoop requires a combination of technique, timing, and spatial awareness. Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering this skill:

Step 1: Awareness of Ball Speed

Before attempting the soccer scoop, it’s crucial to gauge the speed of the ball. This skill is easiest to execute when the ball is stationary. If the ball is moving too fast, it may become challenging to control. Take a moment to assess the ball’s speed before proceeding.

Step 2: Positioning Your Foot

Position your foot as close to the ball as possible and directly underneath it. This stance provides stability and ensures optimal contact when executing the scoop.

Step 3: Executing the Scoop

As the ball makes contact with your foot, wedge your foot underneath the ball and swiftly push it into the air. The key is to push the ball rather than kicking it.

Step 4: Follow Through

The follow-through is crucial for achieving height and controlling the direction of the ball. The bigger the follow-through, the more height you can generate. Use this motion to dictate the trajectory and distance of the ball, ensuring precision and accuracy in your technique.

Why is the scoop important?

In the dynamic world of soccer, mastering a diverse range of techniques is key to staying ahead of the competition. This soccer skill is particularly useful in situations when the opponent is closer to you. Hence it’s no surprise you’re more likely to witness it on smaller futsal pitches where one operates in tight spaces.

While not frequently seen in official soccer games, its execution can lead to memorable goals, as demonstrated by Karel Poborsky’s iconic goal for the Czech Republic against Portugal during Euro 96.

Here is a variation of the skill where it is lobbed over your own head, changing direction swiftly.

The Scoop
Overhead scoop by Youtuber SLHawks