Stepover Double Touch

The Stepover Double Touch is a variation of the classic stepover move that takes your dribbling skills to the next level. This dynamic technique seamlessly combines two soccer tricks – the stepover and the double touch. As you initiate the stepover, introduce another step into the mix, and, with swift precision, use your alternate foot to guide the ball in the initial stepover direction before swiftly changing course. Picture it as a double feint, a way to outsmart even the most skilled defenders who can predict traditional feints. Whether you’re facing opponents adept at reading your moves or those who’ve become too familiar with your playing style, the Stepover Double Touch adds an extra layer of unpredictability.

Breaking Down the Stepover Double Touch (right foot stepover)
Step 1: Set the Stage with a Stepover

Begin with your usual stepover move, leading with your right foot as it gracefully goes over the ball. Establish control as you initiate the sequence.

Step 2: Shift Your Weight and Begin the Double Touch

As your weight naturally shifts to the right during the stepover, introduce the magic of the double touch. Utilize your left foot to guide the ball to the right. This marks the inception of the double touch skill.

Step 3: Perfect Timing for the Right Foot

Just before your right foot lands, showcase perfect timing by swiftly kicking the ball in the opposite direction – a quick and unexpected shift towards the left.

Step 4: Maintain Flow and Control

To master this skill, it’s crucial to maintain a fluid motion throughout. Ensure that the transition between steps is seamless, giving off an air of confidence and control.

Step 5: Practice, Practice, Practice

Repetition is the key to excellence. Dedicate time to practice this combination regularly. Practice each trick separately, then combine. The more comfortable you become with the flow and timing, the more effective and stylish your execution will be.

Stepover Tutorial

Cristiano Ronaldo Stepover Double Touch

Watch the master dribbler executing the skill while playing for Real Madrid. However, it is a small variation from as described above. Spot the difference? Source

soccer tricks - stepover double touch

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