Eureka Heel Flick

The Eureka Heel Flick is a stylish and complex soccer move that will leave opponents dazzled and spectators in awe. It involves two main parts: swiveling the body around the ball and using the heel of your foot to flick the ball, all in one fluid motion. This move is not only visually impressive but also functional – imagine being able to flick the ball a cool 90 degrees from where you’re facing, in the blink of an eye… While it might seem like a stylishly complex maneuver for a simple outcome, the trick lies in the unpredictability it brings. It will have your rivals second-guessing, and clueless about the ball’s next move.

soccer trick - eureka heel flick

Step by step breakdown of a right foot eureka heel flick
Step 1: Set the Stage

Begin with confidence – plant your left foot on the ball, letting your weight rest comfortably on the right foot.

Step 2: Roll with It

Initiate the move by smoothly rolling the ball under your left foot towards the right. Feel the shift of your weight to the left foot, creating a controlled setup.

Step 3: Halt with Precision

Bring the ball to a halt using the outside of your right foot.

Step 4: Spin the Magic

Now, it’s time for the magic to happen. Spin your entire body a mind-boggling 270 degrees, with the right foot leading the way and a graceful pivot on the left foot.

Step 5: Stick the Landing

Nail the landing – bring down your right foot, ensuring the heel lands as close as humanly possible to the ball without touching it.

Step 6: Flick and Amaze

Cap it off with the grand finale – the flick. Send the ball in the direction of your pass with a confident flick of your right heel.

Eureka Heel Flick Tutorial
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