Sombrero Flick

The sombrero flick is a neat little football skill that involves lifting the ball over your head in a graceful arc, leaving opponents bewildered. It’s a move that epitomizes finesse and creativity, making it a favorite among players like Neymar. Similar to numerous other maneuvers, mastering the sombrero flick demands nimble footwork, involving two swift touches on the ball in rapid succession – the initial lift followed by the elegant flick over your head.

A Step-by-Step Breakdown of a Sombrero Flick (right foot)
Step 1 Positioning and Setup

Begin by positioning yourself with your right foot just under the ball, close to the edge but without touching it. Balance with your left foot behind your body.

Step 2 Lift Off

Execute the lift by smoothly lifting your leg up. Keep your knee joint loose and allow for a natural motion arcing motion of the leg. It should be fluid and controlled, aiming to elevate without scooping. Simultaneously, make a small jump towards the ball.

Step 3 Flicking the Ball

As the ball lifts, it’s time for the flick. Stretch out your leg and pull the ball back with your toes in one fluid motion. Lean back slightly, in anticipation of the direction you’re going to move next.

Step 4 Turn

After the flick, turn 180 degrees while keeping your eyes on the ball. You’re in complete control, and you know where it’s going to land.

Step 5 Catch

When it’s withing reaching distance, ‘catch’ it, whether on your thigh or foot. Or get creative – use the inside or outside of the boot, trap it under the foot.. you get the idea. Or flick it back up again!

Video Tutorial
Tutorial by Unisport channel
Things To Remember

Mastering the sombrero flick begins with understanding the correct technique. Ensure you’re using your strong foot. When you’re lifting your leg, keep it nice and flat. Remember, it’s all about the timing and fluidity of the movement. Practice rolling the ball back towards you to simulate game scenarios and refine your technique.

While initially practicing with a rolling ball can be helpful, mastering the sombrero flick from a static position is essential for game situations. As you become more proficient, you can add variations to your sombrero flick, incorporating jumps and dynamic movements to outmaneuver opponents. Whether you’re dribbling away from defenders or facing them head-on, the sombrero flick offers a versatile solution to bypassing challenges and creating scoring opportunities. Like the popcorn flick, it is also useful in creating room from tight situations.

sombrero flick can be useful in tight situations
This could also be a starting position for the flick

Avoiding Common Mistakes

While mastering the sombrero flick can be pretty rewarding, it’s essential to be mindful of common mistakes. Focus on getting enough height on your lift and pointing your toes upward during the flick to ensure the ball clears your head smoothly. Additionally, maintain a slight lean back to guide the ball’s trajectory and avoid it going straight up.

Neymar and Mbappe Executing the Sombrero Flick
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