Popcorn Flick

Enter the Popcorn Flick – a delightful deadball soccer trick that, when executed with finesse, appears magical. But there’s no sorcery; this move is all about the artful use of your toe. Start with the toe on top of the ball, then rolling it along the top of your foot. As your toe reaches the ball’s bottom, a swift and precise motion of just the toe in the opposite direction will lift the ball. And just like popcorn, pop goes the ball into the air.

The key is to maintain the fluidity of your leg’s movement in the same initial direction. The magic lies in the subtlety of the toe action, where your leg and the ball move one way, yet the ball gracefully defies logic and suddenly heads in the opposite direction.

Why it matters

Picture this: you’re in a close control scenario, and there’s not much space to work with. That’s precisely when the Popcorn Flick shines! This nifty trick ingeniously utilizes the air above the ground, turning a confined space into your own soccer playground.

Pro tip: use your body as a shield while executing this trick

make use of the popcorn flick in tight spaces

Breaking down the Popcorn Flick
Step 1: Set Up

Position yourself comfortably with the ball between your feet. Ensure you have good control and balance before attempting the trick.

Step 2: Toe Contact

Use the toe part of your boot (the front section) to make contact with the top of the soccer ball.

Step 3: Roll the Ball

Roll the ball along the top of your foot using the toe. This involves a smooth and controlled motion which causes the ball to move in the direction of your leg.

Step 4: Swift Toe Motion

As the toe reaches the bottom of the ball, execute a swift motion in the opposite direction with your toe. This action is what will lift the ball into the air.

Step 5: Maintain Leg Direction

While performing the toe motion, ensure that your leg continues moving in the same direction as before. This helps add to the illusion, making it look like you are defying conventional physics.

Step 6: Catch ball between your knees (optional)

As the ball lifts from the ground, position yourself so that it lands between your knees. Make it look even more seamless!

Step 7: Practice

Repetition is key to mastering the Popcorn Flick. The faster you roll the ball with your toe, the higher you can flick – try increasing your speed.

Popcorn flick tutorial

More About the Popcorn Flick
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