In soccer tricks lingo, a stepover is a nifty move where a player deceives their defender by pretending to kick or control the ball but actually avoids making contact. It’s a kind of feint where you “step over” the ball. Picture it as a dance move with the ball – a little shimmy that creates confusion and opens up opportunities to breeze past your bewildered opponent.

Now, don’t be fooled by its simplicity; the stepover is a timeless classic that has graced pitches worldwide. Although popularised only recently, it’s history dates back to 1910 with a certain Argentinian – Pedro Calomino. A Boca Juniors legend, he is known to be the first person to have perfected the skill.

So, why should you care about this soccer trick?

Well, it’s not just about looking cool (although that’s a nice bonus). Mastering the stepover can leave defenders going in opposite directions, creating precious time and space for yourself, and giving you the upper hand in one-on-one situations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just lacing up your boots for the first time, incorporating this trick into your repertoire can elevate your game and add that extra spark to your playstyle.

soccer tricks - stepover
Greenock Morton (1) vs (2) St Mirren – Renfrewshire Cup Final 09′. Photo by Ally Middleton
How to do a stepover (left to right):
Step 1: Set the Stage

Position yourself with the ball in front of you. Begin by moving the ball to the left with your right foot to setup the stepover.

Step 2: Tease with Your Right Foot

Now, it’s time for the feint. Act as if you’re about to use the outside of your right foot to swing the ball back to the right.

Step 3: Surprise Move

Instead of moving the ball to the right, smoothly glide your foot over the top of the ball from left to right.

Step 4: Right Foot Landing

Plant your right foot to the right side of the ball. Drop your shoulders and get ready to change direction.

Step 5: Weight Shift and Left Foot Kick

With the weight confidently on your right foot, kick the ball to the left with the outside of your left foot.

Stepover Tutorial

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