Los Angeles Galaxy Player Salaries: What You Need to Know

Los Angeles Galaxy Player Salaries: What You Need to Know

The Los Angeles based club LA Galaxy is one of the richest clubs in the MLS. Despite the lack of success in recent seasons, there are not many teams in the MLS that pays better than LA Galaxy.

Most clubs don’t even come close to what the top leagues in Europe, but if there is any club that is somewhat close to the European standard, then it’s LA Galaxy.

The average player salary in LA Galaxy is $581,250, and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $14,544,000. This makes them the 5th highest-paying club in the MLS.

Below is a breakdown of each player’s salary in LA Galaxy


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
David Bingham$375,000$375,000
Justin Vom Steeg$57,250$57,250


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Perry Kitchen$450,000$450,000
Rolf Fetscher$218,000$242,500
Daniel Steres$150,000$157,500
Julian Araujo$80,000$86,500
Giancarlo Gonzales$70,250$70,250
Emiliano Insua$70,250$70,250
Cristian Pavon$56,250$56,250
Diedie Traore$56,250$56,250


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Jonathan Dos Santos$2,000,000$2,000,000
Sacha Kljestan$1,025,000$1,100,000
Sebastian Lletget$300,000$312,500
Eric Lopez$280,000$280,000
Danilo Acosta$110,000$110,000
Jonathan Perez$76,000$76,000
Efrain Alvarez$70,750$75,750
Emil Cuello$70,250$70,250
Joe Corona$70,250$70,250


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Javier Hernandez$7,250,000$7,250,000
Aleksandar Katai$1,260,000$1,380,000
Nick Depuy$150,000$155,000
Ethan Zubak$125,000$125,000
Gordon Wild$100,000$100,000
Cameron Dunbar$75,500$75,500

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the player salaries, I will update the information above

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