Find Your Perfect Soccer Cleats: Gear Up for the Game

There are a lot of choices when it comes to soccer cleats or soccer boots. How do you choose the right soccer cleats for your game?

There are several key factors to truly consider when choosing the best soccer cleat:

  • Playing surface
  • Budget
  • Position
  • Fit

Make a note that how your soccer cleats look was not on our list, we are more focused on function over fashion when it comes to choosing our boots.

Choose the right Soccer Cleats

Playing Surface

This is the single most important factor when choosing the best soccer cleats for you. The true purpose of cleats, after all, is to improve traction and control while running, and moving the ball.
Firm ground soccer cleats
Designed for natural grass fields. We would consider these types of soccer cleats the all-around choice as they are versatile enough for most types of playing surfaces outdoors.
Soft ground soccer cleats
Patterned for wet surfaces. The type of cleats that have (most of the time) removable and interchangeable studs. Metal or metal tipped studs are best for soft ground fields.
Hard ground soccer cleats
Made for dry environment fields. It is common for these to be the same soccer shoes players wear on shorter artificial grass. Rubber studs are common on hard ground fields as well.
Artificial soccer shoes
We refer to these as shoes because we feel they are closer to shoes than they are cleats. They are worn on most artificial fields both indoor and outdoor.
Indoor soccer shoes
Flat soles and are very commonly worn as casual shoes.


This is a big one. Spending hundreds of dollars on soccer cleats is not going to make you Ronaldo or Messi, I promise. Stay within your budget but like anything else, cheaper soccer cleats, for the most part, will not last as long as some that may cost a little more. Also, you never want to risk your health trying to save only a few dollars. Remember to stay within your budget, and consider the durability of the soccer cleats in relation to the price. A fair price range for the average player would be $80 to $140, in that range, you will find all the qualities you are looking for without breaking the bank.


More of a preference but with our youth coaches this is a common concern and we usually give everyone the same rough guide.

  • Forwards – a soccer cleat with a proper sweet spot for better striking
  • Wingers and Fullbacks – lightweight and comfortable
  • Midfielders – comfort and control
  • Defense – durability with a little more protection
  • Keepers – preference, but choosing the right cleat for the surface is key for lateral movements and traction
  • Multiple Positions – comfort and choosing what makes sense with your style of play based on the rough guide for other positions


You want a tight fit that isn’t so tight that affects mobility or causes pain. Finding the right fit will prevent injuries and help you maintain better control while dribbling and moving around the field. The new trend of ‘mid’ soccer cleats does offer a little more stability and flexibility as with our experience is that they fit a little more true to most manufacturers sneakers would. However, choosing a low or ‘mid’ will be based upon preference and how you want your soccer cleats to fit.